“I’m upset because I don’t have a uniform number… At the next World Cup, I want to get a uniform number and play.”
Oh Hyun-kyu (21, Suwon Samsung), a reserve player for the Korean national soccer team, told the story behind the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, saying, “I was upset because I didn’t have a uniform number.”

In an interview with MBC News Desk on the 14th, Oh Hyun-kyu expressed his gratitude to the national team players.

Oh said that in particular, 26 national team players raised their own money and distributed some of the prize money to him that they had not yet received. He said, “All 26 players gathered money and said, ‘Let’s take care of it like this because we can’t get Hyun-kyu compensation’ (he said). So I didn’t even think about it, but thank you so much for taking care of me like this.”

He also said, “(Cho) Hyun-woo took care of me so much, so I’m really grateful.” “He must be having a hard time, but he treated me brighter and just said, ‘Let’s enjoy this tournament together’ (he did this).”

The time I spent with Son Heung-min in Qatar also became my greatest asset. Player Oh said, “I think I really thought, ‘It’s different,’” and added, “I kept it secret in a notepad on my cell phone. It cannot be disclosed,” he said.스포츠토토

Oh said that every moment was meaningful because of the good result of the World Cup round of 16, but it was regrettable that he did not have his uniform number. He said, “I was a player without any uniform number, and at that moment, I still felt a bit upset.”

Oh said, “(Lewandowski) is a player who has scored hundreds of goals, but one goal in the World Cup is a really emotional moment for a soccer player.” .

In response to the reporter’s question, “If you could get a uniform number and go to the World Cup, how many times would you like to get it?”

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