The third launch of Nuri, scheduled for 6:24 p.m. today, has been postponed토토사이트.

A technical problem was suddenly discovered during the inspection process, and the launch procedure was urgently halted just over two hours before launch.

Let’s go to the NARO Center to find out more about the postponement of the Nuri launch.

Reporter Kim Yoo-dae, how was the cause of the launch postponement determined?


Yes, preparations were going well until the Launch Control Commission confirmed the Nuri launch time of 6:24 p.m. at 2 p.m. today.

However, at around 3:00 p.m., a problem was discovered and the mission control board reconvened.

The problem was a communication anomaly between the computers controlling the entire launch and the computers controlling the launch pad equipment.

Inside the Nuri, helium is injected to ensure smooth fuel injection and valve operation.

There is a valve on the outside of the launch vehicle that releases the pressure created when the helium is injected.

However, during launch preparation, we realized that this valve was not working properly.

However, the valve works manually, so it’s not a problem with the valve itself, it’s a computer signal anomaly.


So it’s not a launch vehicle problem, it’s a peripheral equipment problem, so when do you think you’ll be able to retry the launch?


Yes, it’s not the launch vehicle, but the communication signal from the external computer, or software, so it shouldn’t be difficult to solve the problem.

Instead of moving the Nuri back to the assembly building, Hangzhou is trying to solve the problem while it is still standing on the launch pad.

The plan is that if the problem is resolved by tomorrow morning, they will reconvene the meeting and try to launch again at 6:24 p.m. tomorrow.

However, if no progress is made by tomorrow morning, the launch will be delayed further.

Nuri’s preliminary launch window is set for tomorrow through the 31st.

The second launch in June last year was pushed back a day due to high winds, and then a sensor anomaly sent Nuri back to the assembly building, leaving the launch a day later than initially planned.

That’s KBS News’ Kim Yoo-dae for you from the Naro Space Center.

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