Doosan Kim Yu-seong (21), who was caught up in the ‘academic violence controversy’, came up to the first group. It is not registered right away.토토사이트 Director Lee Seung-yeop (47) sees it himself. He said he would write because he had been forgiven.

Coach Lee Seung-yeop met with reporters at Daegu Samsung Lions Park on the 25th and said, “I was watching Kim Yu-seong’s pitching schedule. He was supposed to watch the throw today, but the game was canceled. I’ll check again at the ballpark tomorrow. Not registered yet. We start with each other,” he said.

He continued, “It is said that it was resolved amicably with the victim student. I think it’s the right time for a good player to write. Kim Yoo-seong also thought a lot, thought, and reflected. Now he thinks the timing has come to play baseball,” he emphasized.

Yuseong Kim is a 2nd round nominee for the 2023 rookie draft. At the time of nomination, when Doosan called “Korea University Kim Yu-seong,” the draft scene was agitated. It’s because of the class issue.

He had school violence in middle school, and for this, he received a one-year suspension from the Korea Baseball Softball Association (KBSA) in 2021. The affiliate team NC nominated Yuseong Kim as the first nomination in 2021, but withdrew the nomination due to controversy over school violence.

Kim Yoo-seong chose to go to Korea University and digested his punishment. He has since played in the match as well. As an orthodox right-hander, he is evaluated to have fast speed and good pitches. However, he was labeled ‘academic violence’, so his range of maneuver was not as wide as expected.

Things have changed recently. The victim’s forgiveness was obtained. The obstacles to registering for the 1st group have disappeared. Accordingly, director Lee Seung-yeop also decided to use Kim Yu-seong. Once I was called to group 1.

Coach Lee Seung-yeop said, “I didn’t see him throwing. He only saw it on video. He’s in the best shape of any Futures player. Although cautious, it is our role to help Kim Yoo-sung become a good person and become a true professional. He has a good pitch, and if he has the ability, he intends to use it.”

Also, “Futures’ report was good. It was evaluated that he had the ability to play in the first team. As I said at his inauguration ceremony, the prerequisite for playing in the first team is to completely sort out the relationship with the victim. He was greedy, but he wasn’t in a position to be hired. When the situation arises, Kim Yu-seong can enter,” he explained.

Kim Yoo-seong pitched in 3 games for the Futures this year and ate 13 innings, recording 1 win and an ERA of 2.77. He gave up 1 run in 4 innings -5.2 innings and 3 runs -3.1 scoreless innings. He’s got 9 walks on 16 strikeouts, and his rate is decent. His batting average is only 0.133.

Looking at his Futures record alone, there is nothing strange about him being called up to the first team. He was pardoned, so he was promoted to the first team. It is true that I am still cautious, but it has become a situation where there is no great difficulty in appointment.

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