Is it the birth of the coach with the most wins in the championship game, or the first championship win in the history of a female coach?토토사이트

Wi Sung-woo (52), coach of Woori Bank in Asan, and Jeong-eun Park (46), coach of Busan BNK Sum, will face each other for a ‘new history’ in women’s professional basketball. The stage is the second leg of the 2022-23 Women’s Professional Basketball Championship (3 wins in 5 matches) held at Yi Sun-shin Gymnasium in Asan, Chungcheongnam-do at 7:00 pm on the 21st.

Coach Wie Sung-woo challenges the record for the most wins in the championship game. While leading the victory in the last game, coach Wi’s total win in the championship increased to 16 wins (5 losses). It is tied with former Shinhan Bank coach Lim Dal-shik’s record for most wins. If he wins this second game, Wi will be named as the commanding tower who has led the most victories in all-time championship games.

Head coach Park Jeong-eun, who has already written several ‘firsts’ in history, challenges to win the first ever championship game as a female leader. Coach Park has already led the first female coach to advance to the playoffs (PO) and win PO, and even achieved a record of advancing to the championship game. This time, she is also looking to become the first female coach to lead a championship victory.

Woori Bank overcame the first round of the last game. In the face-to-face match held in Asan on the 19th, they defeated BNK 62-56 and got a 70% chance of winning. He took the first step toward winning his 11th championship and 10th overall championship.

However, the flow of the first round flowed subtly. At one time in the 3rd quarter, Woori Bank widened the gap to 20 points, and the victory seemed to be on the decline early on, but it was because they sweated while allowing the chase to 3 points in the 4th quarter.

In fact, Woori Bank seized the victory by tying BNK’s score to only 4 points in the 2nd quarter. With ace Kim Dan-bi’s performance and Kim Jong-un’s three consecutive three-point shots, it seemed as if they had booked an early victory. However, in the final 4th quarter, BNK’s momentum was completely suppressed. Woori Bank was shaken so much that the Yatoo success rate was only 7%.

From Woori Bank’s point of view, even after winning, it became an awkward match, and BNK became a match that confirmed their confidence and potential on the stage of the first championship match. It was for the same reason that the reaction of winning and losing to the reporters after the match was mixed.

Coach Seong-woo Wi said, “The first half was very good, and the second half was very bad. It was a mistake to try to finish it quickly after the score gap widened,” he said. “It was great that BNK came up in the second half. He had the feeling of ‘taking in with nothing to lose’. We were pushed back even in the battle of strength,” he expressed regret.

Conversely, Park Jeong-eun, the coach of the ‘loser’, said, “In the beginning, the players performed well in preparation, but the atmosphere was blown away when they were hit with a 3-point shot.” gave it It seems to have been a game in which we prepared well for the next game and prepared a platform to look forward to. The second game was a game I was looking forward to.”

Thanks to this, the second game between the two teams became more sparkly. Woori Bank, which was careless in the first game, had no choice but to prepare for the second game more firmly. BNK is also expected to confront Woori Bank more fiercely as it has confirmed its potential and has shaken off the tension of the first championship match. The match is expected to be even more exciting as the players of both teams have the will to achieve the ‘great record’ of the command towers.

This second leg is especially important in that it is an important watershed in winning the championship. According to the Korea Women’s Basketball League (WKBL), the team that won both the first and second games has a 100% chance of winning, and the team that lost the first game and won the second game has a 75% chance of winning. It is a possibility neither Woori Bank nor BNK can miss.

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