Suprema ID is bullish on the news of the bonus issue decision.

According to the Korea Exchange on the 12th, Suprema ID started trading at 109,500 won, up 29.89% from the previous trading day (9th)토토사이트.

After that, within 10 o’clock, most of the increase was returned, and the transaction was completed at 88,300 won, up 4.74%.

Suprema HQ, the largest shareholder of Suprema ID, also rose 23.26%, recording a ’52 -week high’, but turned downward in the afternoon and ended with a 4.08% drop.

Previously, Suprema ID announced its decision on a free issue at 3:13 pm on the 9th.

The par value per share is KRW 500, and six shares are allotted for each common share.

The base date for allotment of new shares is the 26th, and the scheduled listing date is the 21st of next month.

Suprema ID is engaged in the business of developing and selling various devices and solutions essential for registering, authenticating, and utilizing biometric information.

According to the business report for the first quarter, it recorded sales of KRW 2.84377 billion and operating loss of KRW 112.56 million.

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