Bayern Munich was sincere about Thomas Tuchel. This was the biggest reason for the resignation of manager Julian Nagelsmann.

Germany’s Bild reported on the 24th (Korean time) that Bayern Munich has parted ways with coach Nagelsmann and plans to appoint Tuchel immediately. In addition to Bilt, news such as Di Marzio and Fabrizio Romanono were reported. Coach Tuchel will be appointed immediately and will touch the team from the A-match break.

This is shocking news. Coach Nagelsmann took over Bayern’s helm from last season. A young leader representing Europe met Germany’s카지노사이트 most prestigious family, and many expectations were gathered for the synergy. Although we won the championship last season, we continued to hear noise. This season, the sound is even louder. Concerns grew over Nagelsmann’s ability to dominate the squad.

Sex is also disappointing. In the European Champions League, they reached the quarterfinals, but they are in second place in the league. In particular, the dissatisfaction of the management was great as they continued to lose to Dortmund. Eventually he drew his sword. General manager Hasan Salihamizic eventually chose to resign, saying, “I have never seen Bayern play before. This is the responsibility of coach Nagelsmann.”

Coach Nagelsmann reportedly heard about the hardship while skiing with his girlfriend. The reason why Bayern made such a bold decision is because of the pressure of winning the championship, but the biggest reason is because of Tuchel. According to Bild, Bayern has highly valued Tuchel, to the extent that they have attempted to recruit him in the past. Currently, coach Yain Tuchel is linked with Real Madrid and Tottenham. Bayern regarded this A-match period as a great opportunity to be with coach Tuchel, judging that it is highly likely to miss coach Tuchel again if it is not now.

Contrary to the thoughts of the management team, fans’ reaction to Nagelsmann’s resignation is negative. The German kicker took an urgent survey asking, ‘Is Nagelsmann’s dismissal the right decision?’, and 68% of the respondents answered ‘no’. The approval rating was 32%. On Bild’s podcast, fans commented: “This is crazy”, “I don’t understand the dismissal”, “Amazing”, “Very unfortunate” and “Bayern’s gamble”. In particular, there were many reactions to coach Tuchel, saying, “He’s a great coach, but he doesn’t fit with Bayern.”

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