On Reddit, the largest online community in the United States, you can find hundreds of recently posted articles simply by searching for ‘Samsung refrigerator’. What is unusual is that most of the texts are pictures of the door, not the inside of the refrigerator. As videos of watching TV or playing games on the screen outside the door were uploaded one after another, the Samsung refrigerator appeared as a ‘meme’ (a popular word or character).

The ‘Bespoke Family Hub’ refrigerator, which Samsung Electronics introduced earlier this year, is heating up the US market. It has greatly improved performance compared to existing refrigerators and is equipped with a large number of new functions, capturing the attention of consumers. The large screen that only Family Hub has is a bonus. Amid a clear decline in demand for large white home appliances, it is evaluated that innovative products will lead the next-generation home appliance market.

Samsung Electronics’ ‘Bespoke Family Hub’ is a product that was unveiled at the consumer electronics exhibition ‘CES 2023’ earlier this year. A 32-inch full HD touch screen, which is more than twice as large as the previous product (21.5-inch), is applied to the front of the door . By using SmartThings, a connection platform between home appliances, a refrigerator can control multiple home appliances, lights, and blind switches.

What is unique is that you can use the screen to watch TV or play games. ‘Samsung TV’ that supports more than 1,900 channels in 24 countries around the world, as well as YouTube and Netflix.Plus’ can also be viewed on the Family Hub refrigerator. You can also enjoy high-end games. It also supports first-person shooter games and 3D strategy games that require high-level graphics. In the United States, it has become fashionable to check whether a new game is supported by a Samsung refrigerator whenever a new game is released.

In the US refrigerator market, major home appliance companies such as Whirlpool, Samsung, and Hisense are fiercely competing. According to market research firm Statista, the annual scale is huge enough to reach 8.32 billion dollars (about 11 trillion won)토토사이트. In particular, as the use of ‘smart home appliances’, which strengthen the connection between home appliances, is increasing, the sales volume of refrigerators that can serve as hubs is gradually increasing. Refrigerators are suitable for a hub role because they have a high penetration rate and are large enough to accommodate multiple functions.

In the industry, there is an expectation that ‘Family Hub’, which combines a refrigerator and a TV , can become a next-generation home appliance. Next-generation home appliances can continue to secure profitability by creating new demand at a time when demand for traditional large and white home appliances is steadily declining. As the connection between home appliances is becoming stronger, purchasing one product can induce the purchase of another product.

Samsung Electronics is continuously focusing on developing next-generation home appliances. At the end of last year, the ‘Next Generation Home Appliance Research Team’ was newly established under Samsung Research, a leading research organization. It is the first time that an organization in charge of household appliances has been created since the launch of Samsung Research, and it is evaluated that it shows Samsung’s will to develop next-generation appliances. Han Jong-hee, head of Samsung Electronics’ DX division, also said at the beginning of the year, “

An industry insider said , “The home appliance market can grow steadily without stagnation only when sales of products with previously unavailable features, such as the Family Hub, increase. ” For the same reason, the release of innovative home appliances will increase more.”

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