Can ‘Trouble Maker’ director Jurgen Klinsmann (58) show a different side of himself in Korea?

The Korea Football Association (KFA) announced on the 27th that “Klinsmann, a German coach, has been appointed as the new head coach of the national soccer team.” The contract period is about 3 years and 5 months from March to the 2026 World Cup finals in North and Central America, and the salary is not disclosed according to the agreement of both sides.

Coach Klinsman will make his debut in a friendly match against Colombia to be held in Ulsan on the 24th of next month. The composition of the coaching staff to lead the national team with him has yet to be formed. The KFA said, “The coaching staff who will assist the coach will be discussed with Klinsman sooner or later to be finalized.”

Coach Klinsmann, a legendary striker in Germany, began his career as a leader in 2004 by taking the helm of the German national team. At the 2006 World Cup held in Germany, he led Germany, who was on the decline, to third place.

He also has experience coaching the US national team. Coach Klinsman led the United States from July 2011 to November 2016, winning the Gold Cup in 2013 and advancing to the round of 16 at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

However, there are areas of concern. It is that there were not a few conflicts with clubs, associations, and players.

Coach Klinsmann got into controversy when he insisted on working from home in the United States while he was the head coach of the German national team, and he suddenly announced his resignation after the World Cup was over, saying he had worked too long. He also caused conflict with the US national team by remarks that seemed to disregard the league of his country.

It was even worse at Bayern Munich and Hertha Berlin. After Klinsmann took office in Munich in 2008, he was sacked within a year after being embroiled in a feud with the club’s leadership as well as the players. Legendary defender Phillip Lahm, who played in Munich at the time, later publicly sniped, saying, “I knew that everything would not work out in eight weeks after coach Klinsmann came.”

In Berlin, he gave up the baton after only two months, let alone a year. That too, without any consultation with the club, through Facebook Live. Manager Klinsmann announced his surprise resignation in February 2020 after criticizing the club’s leadership. The Berlin club and fans couldn’t hold back their anger, saying, “The manager ran away.”메이저사이트

Naturally, director Klinsman’s adaptation to Korea also has a question mark. As he has caused problems with the association, local media, and club board members as well as players throughout his career, it is unclear whether he will suddenly be able to change in an Asian country he is experiencing for the first time. 

Meanwhile, head coach Klinsman plans to return to Korea next week and start coaching the national team in earnest. Prior to this, KFA will hold a press conference on the appointment at 2:00 pm on the 28th at the Soccer Hall.

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