Correspondent Lee Seon-ho] Nippon Professional Baseball monster pitcher Sasaki Rocky (23. Chiba Lotte Marines) recorded a 165 km velocity. 

Sasaki of the WBC national team threw a 165 km long fastball that exceeded his maximum speed of 1 km in an evaluation match against Chunichi Dragons held at Banderin Dome in Nagoya on the 4th. 

Sasaki recorded his highest speed tie of 164 km from his first inning, and threw a 165 km fastball against Akino in a two-out 1.3 base crisis. He then struck out on a swing with a 164km ball. 

The fastest Japanese speed ever recorded was 165km, set by Ohtani Shohui in 2016. Sasaki confidently stood shoulder to shoulder with Ohtani in front of him from the bench. 

On this day, Sasaki recorded three scoreless innings.먹튀검증

In April 2019, Sakaki garnered attention as a fastball pitcher by throwing 163 km at the Japanese high school representative camp training Hongbaekjeon. In the match against Rakuten on March 27 in the 2022 season, he recorded his top speed of 164 km, and this time he raised another 1 km. 

In the NPB League, on August 13, 2021, Thiago Vieira (29) of Yomiuri recorded 166 km in the match against Chunichi (Tokyo Dome) as the highest speed. 

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