Four children who were missing in the Amazon jungle after a light aircraft crash have been found safe and sound after 40 days.

One of the rescued children was an 11-month-old baby.

The rescue was met with cheers and praise from locals who said it was a miracle.

Reporter Kim Tae-yoon reports.

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It’s 60 meters above the Colombian Amazon rainforest.

A child is lifted up in the arms of a soldier and carried into a helicopter.

The soldiers immediately check the child’s먹튀검증 condition and take safety measures.

This is what it looks like when children whose lives were lost in a light aircraft crash in the middle of the Amazon rainforest last month are rescued 40 days after the crash.

In photos from the rescue released by the military, the children are all in relatively good shape, even posing for photos with the soldiers.

[Fernando Girado Bonilla/Colombian Armed Forces Commander]
“Soldiers and indigenous people searched nearly 2,656 kilometers in the face of adversity; soldiers and indigenous people have
made the impossible possible”

The crash killed all three adults, including the parents, and left the four children in the car unaccounted for.

The children were only 13, 9, and 4 years old, with one as young as 11 months old.

With bad weather and threatening wildlife, the children’s chances of survival were very low.

But Colombian authorities didn’t give up, and with five helicopters and more than 150 people scouring the nearby forest, they found baby bottles and footprints of the children.

This raised hopes that the children were alive, and after a dogged search, they were found safe and sound relatively close to the crash site.

The children reportedly built a makeshift shelter out of grass and wood and ate fruit to survive.

Called a “true miracle” locally, the families’ joy at the rescue is indescribable.

[Maria Fatima Valencia Wikich/Grandmother]
“I have recovered from the pain of losing my daughter, I want to hug my four grandchildren.”

The youngest, who was 11 months old at the time of the crash, was stoned in the jungle, but all of the children have been taken to a nearby hospital and are recovering.

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