A match between Korea and Pakistan’s top mixed martial arts prospects will be showcased through Asia’s largest organization, ONE Championship.

ONE Friday Fights 33 will be held on September 15 at the Lumpini Stadium (capacity 5,000) in Bangkok, Thailand. Jo Joon-geon (17) will face Ismail Khan (22) in the mixed martial arts flyweight division.

ONE Friday Fights is a brand launched in Thailand by ONE Championship in January 2023. A competition is being held on Friday, focusing on Muay Thai, the symbol of Lumpini Stadium, along with kickboxing and mixed martial arts.

Jo Joon-geon appeared in Season 1 of the YouTube reality program ‘High School Heaven’ under the nickname ‘Tiger of the Extreme’ and is becoming known for being selected as one of the top four Heavenly Kings in the metropolitan area preliminaries and advancing to the quarterfinals of the national finals.

His professional mixed martial arts record since September 2022 already stands at 3 wins, 1 draw, and 1 loss. In August of this year, he left a deep impression by defeating Ryota Tagashira (31, Japan), who had 12 official fights including amateurs, in an away match in Tokyo via KO with a spinning backfist.

Khan is the bronze medalist at the 2021 International Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) World Championships in the bantamweight division. It was his 13th consecutive win since his debut in 2018 when he was 17 years old, until he suffered a semi-final exit at the IMMAF World Championship.

After leaving behind an amateur record of 13 wins and 1 loss, he turned professional in mixed martial arts in February 2022 and has now won 5 out of 5 fights. Not only did they win 13 home matches in Pakistan (3 wins as a professional), but they also won consecutively on the Egyptian stage in November of last year and June of this year.바카라

Jo Joon-geon said, “It is an honor to compete on the world stage of ONE Championship and Lumpini. “Although Khan is a strong fighter, I will use him as a scapegoat for my brilliant debut victory in a major tournament,” he said, expressing confidence.

Khan is also completely oblivious to the aim, saying, “ONE Friday Fights 33 is just one stop in my mixed martial arts career.” “Please pray for me,” he said, asking Pakistani fans to support him.

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