Masan Girls’ Middle School is sweating heavily for a better tomorrow after coming out of the dark tunnel. 

A few years ago, 메이저사이트 Masan Girls’ Middle School suffered from a severe shortage of players. Just four years ago, there were only two players, and the team was on the verge of extinction. However, Masan Girls’ Middle School did not give up. Even on the brink of disbandment, coach Lee Yu-ri did his best to guide and made strenuous efforts to supply and demand players. 

Coach Lee said, “I had a hard time because there were no players. It started with 2 people, then 5 people, then 7 people. For the last two years, we have maintained about 10 people. Coral Reef coach Ahn Hyo-jin sent the children well. Thank you.” 

Coach Lee Yu-ri was absent for a while due to parental leave in March of last year. The position was held by Coach Lee Byung-joo, the father of Coach Lee. Coach Lee Byeong-joo said, “(Masan Girls’ Middle School) had to find a coach who could only serve for one year, so there were no applicants. He said there were two announcements because no one applied. Personally, he was on a break after surgery a few years ago, and he was recommended (a contract position as a coach at Masan Girls’ Middle School) by people around him. Although his retirement age was over and he was not qualified, he seemed to be able to choose (even non-qualified people) at school,” he explained the background of taking the coaching job. 

Masan Girls’ Middle School, under the guidance of coach Lee Byeong-ju, achieved results such as winning runner-up in the 2022 federation president season, advancing to the King of Kings Weekend League, and advancing to the semi-finals of the autumn competition. Coach Lee Byung-joo said, “I was lucky to take over the team that Coach Lee Yu-ri had built after years of hard work, and I just put some weight on it. Above all, thanks to the hard work of the children, we saw good results.” 

“Principal Yang Dong-geun is also very interested in the basketball team and actively supports it. The head of the Secondhand Basketball Federation also worried about Masan Girls’ Middle School. He expressed his gratitude to those around him, saying, “The team of players has grown because of the good unity with the coral reef teachers.” 

Coach Lee Byeong-joo, who will leave Masan Girls’ Middle School on February 28, gave affectionate advice to the players. He said, “As a student before a player, you have to become a player with good manners. Also, I hope that we become one team and become players who help each other, think about each other, and trust each other. We’ll go together until high school, but not after that. I hope everyone can go on a good path,” he said, looking forward to the bright future of the players. 

This year, Masan Girls’ Middle School is training a total of 10 students, including 5 3rd graders, 1 2nd grader, and 4 1st graders. Coach Lee Yoo-ri will officially return to work in March, but has been helping coach Lee Byung-joo to guide the team from winter training. Coach Lee Yu-ri said, “The team members are short. The tallest player is about 174cm, and the others are about 168cm. So he tries to play defense-oriented fast basketball. The defense also tries to press as much as possible. Overall, the basics are lacking, so there are many areas to refine. I think about high school and beyond, so I pay a lot of attention to the basics,” he said, introducing the direction the team will move forward. 

At the same time, he urged the 3rd grade players to do their best. Coach Lee said, “The captain (Jeong) Hye-yoon leads the team with fast and stable game management. (Lee) Eun-gyo has good one-on-one ability and is a key player in the attack. There are many attacks that are derived from Eungyo. (Kim) Soo-hyeon is also a player who continues to develop while exercising diligently, and (Han) Ye-dam has a good shot feel. I barely played games when I was in elementary school, but since last year I’ve been playing a lot and growing as a shooter. (Jeong) Jimin started exercising in the 1st year of middle school and still has some shortcomings, but he has a good basketball sense. He also has strengths in defense,” he encouraged his senior year. 

Lastly, Coach Lee smiled and said, “Last year’s performance was good, so it’s burdensome.” In order to make it a time to lay the foundation for the future, I will do my best first,” he concluded the interview. 

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