The war is fierce, but the winner has already been decided?

This is the title of an article published by the New York Times on the 21st regarding the sale of Manchester United, a prestigious English club.먹튀검증

The takeover battle is in full swing, and who will be the winner? The New York Times predicted, “The Glazer family, which currently owns Man Utd, will receive a satisfactory price because each of the bidders has a strong will to acquire Man Utd.”

Currently, the big hand participating in the takeover bid for Manchester United is Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the ‘Britain’s richest man’. The founder of Ineos, a chemical company, offered £4.5 billion (approximately KRW 7.1136 trillion) as a condition to acquire a 69% stake in Manchester United. He also jumped into the Chelsea takeover last year, but failed to achieve his will. Ratcliffe’s fortune is $ 13.6 billion (about 17.7493 trillion won), making him the second richest person in the UK. He successively acquired Swiss Lausanne Sport in 2017 and French professional football Nice in 2019 and became the owner.

Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) chairman Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al-Thani, a “Qatari billionaire,” also jumped into the takeover bid. He set the goal of resolving the club’s debt and actively investing to regain ‘past glory’. The bid price is up to 5 billion pounds (approximately 7.9 trillion won). The New York Times said, “The financial power that boasted that it would buy the entire stake with only net assets without debt and surprised competitors.”

American hedge fund Elliott also announced its intention to participate in the war at the last minute. Until last year, the hedge fund, which owned and sold prestigious AC Milan in Italy, was not disclosed. Elliott’s assets are $56 billion (approximately 73.856 trillion won).

Manchester United fans are divided over the competitive proposals of the wealthy. Since it is a club representing England, there is a strong opinion that it should be brought back to the English hands. However, it is questionable whether Sir Ratcliffe will be able to win the money battle with Qatar Oil Money. Similar to neighboring Manchester City, which has been reborn as a strong player with a huge amount of Middle Eastern oil money, the opinion of raising Manchester United with Qatari money is not easy. It was impressive that Chairman Sheikh Jassim said that he would take over the stake in Manchester United in cash and at the same time resolve up to $600 million in debt (approximately 783.1 billion won). The New York Times emphasized, “Chairman Jashim must prove how he is different from another Qatari capital that runs Paris Saint-Germain for his own benefit.”

The Glazer family acquired the club in 2005 for $1.4 billion (approximately 1.827 trillion won) and began selling the club in November last year. According to Bloomberg News, as of August last year, the value of the Manchester United club was 5 billion pounds (approximately 7.9 trillion won). Current bids are estimated at between $4.8 billion and $6 billion. It is known that the Glazer family wants up to $7 billion (approximately 9.1371 trillion won) despite criticism of “madness”.

The New York Times said, “The Glazer family is not forced to sell like Chelsea, but is proceeding with the sale in the sense of ‘looking for a strategic alternative for the club.’” expected

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