Side-by-side pool tables. Cha Myung-jong was ahead and Choi Sung-woo had been trailing for a while, but the outcome of the last cue was different.

Choi Sung-woo (left) and Cha Myung-jong (right) in their quarterfinal upset (Photo: Brilliant Billiards)
After falling behind 38-46, Cho Sung-woo persevered as Tasdemir was unable to finish and made it 48-48.

Cha Myung-jong maintained a 10-point lead the rest of the way, and although he allowed a late rally, he reached 49 and saved match point.

Choi Sung-woo attacked for 21. Tasdemir missed the ball and had a chance to break back.

Tasdemir had to wait on the cue for a while due to the noise in the room as Vietnam’s Tran started attacking from the next table.

Cha Myung-jong was not in a good position for the final point. It was a very tricky ball and he couldn’t finish it.

Aside from the missed shot, it was a good one. Tran, who had started to catch up at 46, racked up one point at a time to reach the final 50 and set up an upset quarterfinal토토사이트.

After a long wait, Choi took his final cue after the game at the next table ended, and smiled broadly at the end as he made up the two points he was missing.

With four South Koreans in the round of 16 at the Ho Chi Minh 3 Cushion World Cup 2023, Cha Myung-jong was eliminated on Sunday, leaving three players – Choi Sung-woo, Heo Jung-han, and Kim Jun-tae – in the quarterfinals to compete for a spot in the final four.

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