Japanese pitcher Kenta Maeda (35, Minnesota Twins) was hit by a batted ball during the game, creating a dizzying scene.

Maeda started the Boston Red토토사이트 Sox away game held at Fenway Park, Massachusetts, USA on the 21st (Korean time) and faced Jaren Duran at the end of the second inning, 0-1 behind, with 2 out and 2 base. Duran struck the splitter on the third ball thrown in a ball count of 1-2 strike, and the ball that flew directly hit Maeda’s left ankle. According to the Major League Baseball (MLB) Statcast, his exit velocity was 111.6 miles (179.6 km). Maeda, who had not been able to get up from the mound for a while, was replaced by Emilio Pagan during defense in the third inning.

Minnesota coach Rocco Valdelli said, “I was terrified to see him lying on the ground. Thankfully he escaped serious injuries.” Maeda received a negative judgment (bruise) as a result of the X-ray test, and is in a situation where he is watching the swelling go down. Through an interpreter, Maeda said, “I wasn’t sure if my bones were cracked or not. It happened so quickly,” he said. Immediately after being hit by the ball, Maeda did not lose concentration and threw to first base, catching Duran.

He avoided major injuries, including a fracture, but it is difficult to estimate the exact time of his return. “A logical and medical decision will be made depending on his condition,” Baldelli said. “We don’t know the answer at this time.”

Maeda’s season record was 3 losses and an ERA of 4.15. His career major league (MLB) record is 59-44 with an earned run average of 3.88. He missed last season due to Tommy John surgery (elbow ligament surgery) and returned this year and was digesting the rotation.

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