“Mad Bum” Madison Bumgarner (34) took the mound for the first time in this exhibition game. He was not in good condition, giving up two balls that fit the body, but he won the victory by minimizing conceded runs.메이저사이트

Bumgarner started in an exhibition game against the Cleveland Guardians held at Goodyear Ball Park in Arizona, USA on the 6th (Korean time) and recorded 2 hits, 4 walks and 2 runs in 3 innings.

Bumgarner, who hit both Stephen Kwan and Ahmed Rosario in the first inning, gave up a walk to Jose Ramirez and allowed a timely double to Josh Bell, giving up the first run.

In the second inning, he gave up a walk to David Fry after one out, then allowed back-to-back hits to the body to Mika Freees and Miles Straw.

Bumgarner blocked Kwan with a ground ball to the first baseman and Rosario with a floating ball to the right field in the crisis with the bases loaded with one out, blocking an additional run with one point.

Bumgarner, who was on the mound again in the third inning, gave up a hit to leadoff batter Ramirez, but double-hit Bell and blocked Andres Jimenez with a floating ball to center fielder to end the inning.

Bumgarner replaced Scott McGuff in the fourth inning and finished pitching that day.

Arizona won the game 6-4, and Bumgarner became the winning pitcher.

Bumgarner is in dire need of a rebound this season. Entering his fourth season in Arizona, Bumgarner went 15-29 with a 4.98 earned run average over the past three years. In his last year, he recorded 15 losses, the most losses in a single season of his career.

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