In November, Japan’s Tokyo Dome is expected to shake again. A preliminary list of 62 players has been confirmed for the national team to participate in the Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC) 2023.

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) held a Power Reinforcement Committee (Chairman: Jo Gye-hyun) on the 29th and said, “We have confirmed a list of 62 reserve players for the national team to participate in the Asian Professional Baseball Championship 2023 to be held in Tokyo Dome, Japan in November.”

The Asian Professional Baseball Championship was held for the first time in 2017 with the intention of providing prospects with an international competition experience. Originally, the event was scheduled to be held every four years, but was delayed two years due to the global novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19). So, after 6 years, the competition was held. As the tournament is dominated by young players, a preliminary entry was made up of players under the age of 24 (born after January 1999) or within three years of joining the team.
30 pitchers and 32 fielders were listed on the entry. In the last competition, there were only 42 preliminary entries, but in this competition, the number of entries increased by 20 to 62.

First, the pitchers are Song Young-jin, Yi Ro-un, Choi Min-joon, Oh Won-seok (Lee Sang Ki-woom), Jang Jae-young, Lee Myeong-jong (Lee Sang Ki-woom), Jung Woo-young, Park Myeong-geun (Lee Sang-gi), Kim Min, Park Young-hyeon, Son Dong-hyun (KT), Jung Hae-young, Lee Eui-ri, Yoon Young-cheol, Choi Ji-min. (KIA Lee Sang), Kim Si-Hoon, Song Myung-Ki, Shin Min-Hyuk, Lee Yong-Jun, Kim Yeong-Gyu (NC Lee Sang-Hyun), Lee Seung-Hyeon (born 2002) and Won Tae-In (Lee Sang-Samsung), Jin Seung-Hyeon and Choi Jun-Yong, Kim Jin-Wook (Lotte Lee Sang-Bin), Kwak Bin and Jeong Cheol-Won, Lee Byung-Hun (Lee Sang-Hun) Doosan), Moon Dong-ju and Han Seung-ju (above Hanwha), a total of 30 people were listed. There are 8 left-handed pitchers and 22 right-handed pitchers.

In the catcher position, a total of 7 people, including Cho Hyung-woo (SSG), Kim Dong-heon (Kiwoom), Han Jun-su (KIA), Kim Hyung-joon (NC), Heo In-seo (Senior Director), Jung Bo-geun and Son Seong-bin (above Lotte) boarded the preliminary entry. Han Junsu is the only left-handed hitter.

Infielders include Jeon Eui-san (SSG), Kim Hui-jip and Kim Hye-seong, Lee Ju-hyung (Lee Sang Ki-woom), Lee Jae-won and Moon Bo-kyung (Lee Sang-gi), Kang Baek-ho (KT), Kim Do-young (KIA), Kim Joo-won (NC), Lee Jae-hyeon and Kim Ji-chan (Samsung Lee Lee), Seventeen players were included in the preliminary roster, including Han Dong-hee (Lotte), Roh Si-hwan and Jeong Eun-won, Moon Hyun-bin (above Hanwha), and Han Tae-yang and Na Seung-yeop (Sangmu). There are 7 right-handers and 10 left-handers.안전놀이터

As for the outfielders, a total of 8 people were called up as reserves, including Park Chan-hyuk (Kiwoom), Kim Hyun-jun and Kim Seong-yoon (Samsung), Yoon Dong-hee and Ko Seung-min, Kim Min-seok (Lotte), Kim Dae-han (Doosan), and Choo Jae-hyun (Sangmu). 3 right-handers and 5 left-handers.

The Korean team participating in the 2017 Asian Professional Baseball Championship.
In the last 1 tournament, Korea ended the invitational tournament with a record of 2 wins and 2 losses as runner-up. In the final against Japan, he endured well by giving only one run until the fourth inning, but was shaken with three runs in the fifth inning, and eventually lost 0-7. Ha-seong Kim (San Diego), Jung-hoo Lee (Kiwoom), Ja-wook Koo (Samsung), Min-woo Park (NC), Se-woong Park (Lotte), Chang-mo Koo (NC), Deok-joo Ham (LG), etc. It is no exaggeration to say With this tournament as a starting point, the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games, 2019 WBSC (World Baseball Softball Confederation) Premier 12, 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) competitions were held to enhance the competitiveness of Korean baseball.

Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Australia will participate in this APBC 2023 competition. The final roster of the national team (26 players), including three wild card players (born on or after January 1, 1994), will be confirmed in mid-October. The national team will play the first game against Australia at noon on November 16th, and then play against Korea and Japan on the 17th at 7pm. Then, on the 18th at 7:00 pm, we will face Taiwan in the third round. After playing the full league for three days, depending on the results of the preliminaries, on the 19th, the last day of the tournament, they will go to the third place match or the final. Of course, it can be said that Korea’s goal in this APBC tournament is to win. To do that, Japan must be defeated. South Korea suffered a catastrophic dropout in the first round at the 2023 WBC tournament held in Tokyo Dome, Japan in March. This time is a good opportunity to avenge the defeat in the Korea-Japan war once again in the heart of the Japanese archipelago. In addition, following the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games held next month, leading a good atmosphere at the APBC 2023 competition can be said to be the best scenario.

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