One of the legends of German soccer, Jurgen Klinsmann (59), is negotiating as a candidate for the Korean national soccer team, soccer media outlets such as Kicker and Transfermarkt reported.메이저사이트

Klinsmann, who is familiar to domestic fans by scoring a goal against Korea in the 1994 World Cup USA, played in 108 matches (47 goals) as a member of the German national soccer team, and served as coaches for Germany and the US national team, as well as Bayern Munich and Hertha Berlin.

Germany’s kicker magazine reported that ‘Klinsmann heißer Kandidat als Nationaltrainer Südkoreas’ is the leading Korean national football team coach, and said that they are negotiating with Korea, where coach Paulo Bento left. Klinsmann, who led Germany in 2004, led the U.S. national team from 2011 to 2016, winning the 2013 Gold Cup and advancing to the round of 16 at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. If he becomes the head coach of the Korean national team, he will take on the third national team head coaching position.

Unlike his national team, he did not achieve significant results as a coach for professional clubs such as Bayern Munich and Hertha Berlin. Klinsmann also played an active part as a member of the FIFA Technical Study Group during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Kicker said, “Michael Müller from Germany is in charge of the technical director of the Korea Football Association, and he must have been connected to Klinsman through Cha Du-ri, who went through a former national team coach who played in the Bundesliga.”

However, it seems uncertain whether Klinsmann will be the best choice as his coaching career has come to a halt after stepping down as Berlin manager in 2020.

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