Kim Ki-seong (38) of the HL Anyang, the signboard of Korean ice hockey, became the first Korean player to score 200 goals in ice hockey in the Asian League. 메이저놀이터

Kim Ki-seong scored a goal with Oh In-gyo’s assist at 8:40 in the first period in the 2022-23 Asia League Ice Hockey regular league round 34 away match against Nikko Ice Bucks held at Kirifuri Ice Arena in Nikko, Japan on the 5th. record, scoring his 200th career goal.

Kim Ki-seong, who debuted in 2008, achieved a great record in 15 years and 375 games. In the Asia League, which was first launched in 2003, only six players, including Kim Ki-seong, have exceeded 200 goals in the regular season. First record by a domestic player.

Kim Ki-seong, who joined HL Anyang in 2008 after attending Kyungsung High School and Yonsei University, made a splendid debut by recording 21 goals and 18 assists in 35 games in his debut season, winning the Rookie of the Year title. In addition, from 2011 to 2014, he briefly left the team due to overseas expansion and military service, and returned to the team in 2014.

His peak was in the 2014-2015 season. At that time, he scored 28 goals and 42 assists in 48 games, and was the first Korean player to be selected as the Asian League MVP. In addition, from the 2015-16 season, he led the HL to become the champion for three consecutive years.

Kim Ki-sung, who had to leave the team again after the Asian League was canceled for two consecutive seasons due to Corona 19, returned to the team at the age of nearly 40 as the league resumed, showing off his skills comparable to his heyday.

Meanwhile, after scoring his 200th goal, Kim Ki-sung led the attack by scoring his 201st goal again. In addition, goalkeeper Hall Ra-seong (American name: Matt Dalton) blocked all 31 effective shots, winning 5-0 and winning 6 in a row, putting the top of the regular league right in front of his eyes.

Kim Ki-sung is recording 201 goals and 243 assists in 375 matches in the Asian League regular season. As a member of the Korean ice hockey team, he recorded the most appearances (75 games), the most goals (48 goals), the most assists (44 assists), and the most points (goals + assists = 92) at the World Championships.

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