The first professional golf tournament in Korea was the 1st KPGA Championship held at Seoul CC in June 1958. The winner of this tournament is the late advisor Yeon Deok-chun, Korea’s first professional golfer and KPGA member number 1.먹튀검증

From the 1st KPGA Championship to the LG Signature Players Championship, the final match of the 2022 season, 596 Korean Tour competitions have been held for 65 years. A total of 214 winners were born from 596 competitions. There are 145 Korean players and 69 foreign nationals.

Choi Sang-ho is the player who has lifted the most championship trophies. Starting with the Yeoju Open in 1978 and the Maekyung Open in 2005, Choi Sang-ho achieved 43 domestic victories. Park Nam-shin has won 20 wins in Korea alone, following Choi Sang-ho. The 3rd most won player in Korea is Han Jang-sang, an advisor with 19 victories.

Nobogi, a model of perfect play, won only once in 65 years. At the 1990 Phantom Open, Cho Chul-sang made 11 birdies without a single bogey, winning the first no-bogey championship ever.

The total number of golf courses that held 596 tournaments was 140. There was only one Korean tour event held in North Korea. In 2007, the Geumgangsan Ananti NH Nonghyup Open was held in North Korea.

The golf course with the most Korean tours is Namseoul CC. A total of 41 events were held at Namseoul CC, including the GS Caltex Maekyung Open and the Shinhan Donghae Open. Then, 37 competitions were held at Seoul CC located in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province. Currently, 36 competitions were held at Gwanak CC, where Seoul National University’s Gwanak campus is located.

Meanwhile, for the first time in the history of the Korean Tour, the Oran Sea Open Golf Championship is the first tournament in which a private company is the title sponsor. Oran Sea Open was established in 1976 by Dong-A Pharmaceutical to promote its soft drink products, foster domestic professional golf, and create a golf boom.

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