The world women’s golf game, which has not been shaken for a long time, is fluctuating. While Korean players are slowing down, emerging powerhouses are rapidly filling high positions in the world rankings.

Lilia Bu (26, USA) reached her first No. 1 in the women’s golf world rankings announced on the 15th. With a rating of 8.28, she jumped 5 places from 6th last week. Nellie Korda (25, USA) and Ko Jin-young (28) followed with 7.81 and 7.14 points, respectively.스포츠토토

Her wealth earned her third win of the season at the AIG Women’s Open, her previous major tournament. She started her season at 41st in the world rankings, but after rising to 12th with a win at Honda Thailand, she won two of her majors (Chevron Championship, AIG Women’s Open) in quick succession, becoming her new golf empress. Even when she won the Chevron Championship, the fact that her maternal grandfather was from the ‘Boat People’ who escaped communist Vietnam in the 1980s made more headlines than her golf skills, but now her golf skills alone have become newsmakers.

The 4th and 5th places were occupied by Celine Boutier (30, France) and Yin Luoning (21, China), respectively. Yin Luo-ning was a player outside the 170th place in the world rankings until last March, but she has established herself as a new powerhouse by winning the LA Open and the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship in major tournaments.

Korean women’s golf showed a clear downward trend. Hyo-joo Kim (27), who finished tied for 4th at the AIG Women’s Open, kept 7th, and Ji-ae Shin, who finished 3rd, climbed 8 steps to 17th, but it went downhill one after another. There are only two players in the top 10, Jinyoung Ko and Hyojoo Kim. Considering that Korean players occupied more than half of the top 10 just three or four years ago, the status has dropped significantly. Even if we expand the list to the top 30, only four more will be added: Shin Ji-ae, Jeon In-ji (25th), Park Min-ji (26th), and Choi Hye-jin (30th).

Chinese, Japanese, and Thai players are filling the vacancy of Korean players. In the top 20, two Chinese players (Yin Luoning and Lin Xiyu), one Thai player (Ataya Titikun), and two Japanese players (Hataoka Nasa and Furue Ayaka) were named.

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