Following Lee Sang-hwa, the new empress Kim Min-seon continued her unmatched speed. He also broke his personal best in the 500m and won four World Cups in a row.

This is Reporter Bae Jeong-hoon.


Min-seon Kim, who competed in the ninth group in-course, was a bit late in her start, and her first 100m time was 4th out of 20 runners.

Since then, she has increased her speed tremendously.

Kim Min-sun, who continued her speedy run with a sense of stability, made a last-minute spurt without showing any signs of exhaustion even after turning the last corner, and passed the finish line with a personal best time of 36 seconds and 96 seconds.

Kim Min-seon, who was the only one to take 36 seconds, comfortably beat Japan’s Miho Takagi, the silver medalist at the Beijing Olympics, by 0.3 seconds.

From the 1st to the 4th season, she won gold medals in four World Cups in a row, and if you include the 4 Continents Championships earlier this month, she won 5 consecutive championships.

[Kim Min-sun/National Speed ​​Skating Representative: My goal is to win all 500m events for the rest of the season, and I will work hard to achieve that goal.] 토토

Kim Min-sun, who entered the 36th for the first time in the 3rd competition held on the same course last week, is an individual. He shortened his best record by another 0.012 seconds, taking one step closer to the world record of 36 seconds and 36 set by Lee Sang-hwa nine years ago.

Kim Min-sun continues her winning streak at the World Cup, which resumes in February next year.

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