The second draft, which gives players another chance, will be revived next year. The bylaws have not yet been finalized. There is a possibility that the final decision will be made before the end of this year as the interests between the clubs are somewhat mixed. It remains to be seen whether the head coaches of each club will come up with a step forward plan.

KBO decided to re-implement the second draft in response to the point that the effectiveness of the Futures (second group) free agent (FA) system conducted until this year was low. However, detailed regulations have not been finalized.

This is because there is some disagreement on the extent to which the annual leave of players who become ‘auto-protected’ will be determined in order to maximize the development of prospects by the club, and the amount of compensation for players who move the team to the second draft. Naturally, teams with many prospects in the second team want to increase the annual age of automatically protected players as much as possible. Also, I hope to receive as much compensation as possible. However, teams aiming to strengthen depth through the second draft believe that the purpose of the system is properly reflected only when the threshold is lowered as much as possible.

The second draft has been conducted every other year since 2012, but has been suspended since 2020. This was because the outflow of players was concentrated in a specific team with many promising players. Up to the second year players were automatically protected, and after submitting a list of 40 protected players excluding them, players not included in this were nominated as targets. Each team could nominate up to three rounds, and the reward was different for each round. 300 million won for the first round, 200 million won for the second round, and 100 million won for the third round had to be compensated to the selected players’ original clubs. The Futures FA system has been implemented since 2021, but there were not many resources that benefited from it compared to when the second draft was conducted. 스포츠토토

There are not a few players who got a chance on the first team stage through the second draft in the past. A representative case is Lee Jae-hak. After moving from Doosan Base to NC Dinos through the second draft in 2012, he has since established himself as a starting pitcher. In addition, there were not a few players who stayed in the 2nd team all the time, but created new opportunities through the 2nd draft.

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