Men’s professional volleyball KB Insurance brought out a foreign player replacement card.

According to the volleyball world on the 13th, KB Insurance is known to replace foreign player Nicola Mellagnac (registered name) with Andres Vijena (Spain) who has experience in the V-League.

Nicola was nominated by KB Insurance as the 3rd overall in the foreign player draft held in April and stepped on Korean soil.

Nikola, who must have felt a lot of pressure as the successor to Keita Noumori (Mali), who left for Verona, Italy after conquering the V-League, made an impressive performance at the beginning of the season despite concerns.

Nikola slowed down a bit in the opening game against Korean Air, but later led KB Insurance to three consecutive victories with his unique power-filled attack.

In particular, in the match against OK Financial Group on October 30th, KB Insurance achieved a thrilling come-from-behind victory by showing off 49 points including season 1 triple crown (more than 3 points each for serve, blocking, and back attack in one game).

Based on this performance, Nicola was selected as the player with the best performance in the first round.

However, he soon fell into a slump as his monotonous attack pattern, which was considered a weakness, was analyzed by the opponent. As the number of servings also increased, the roar on the court gradually disappeared.

With Nikola’s sluggish performance, KB Insurance (9 points, 3 wins, 9 losses) fell into a swamp of 8 consecutive losses and fell to 6th place.

After the Woori Card match on the 9th, coach Hu In-jeong said, “You can’t play volleyball alone. If you can’t play together, I don’t think that player is needed.” It seemed that it was not going well,” he suggested a replacement.

Villena, who joined KB Insurance on behalf of Nicola, ranked at the top of Korean Air’s 2019-20 season in terms of scoring (786 points), 1st place in overall offense (56.36%), and 2nd place in serve (0.56 per set). .

Villena smoothly adapted to the V-League with her bouncy jumps and quick attacks despite her modest height of 194cm. He was selected as the season’s best 7 apogee spiker for his performances, including 2 round MVPs and 6 triple crowns. 토토

Villena signed a new contract with Korean Air and welcomed the 2020-21 season in the V-League, but was unable to show off his performance due to a knee injury.

Vijena, who had not been on the court since the middle of the second round, eventually left the V-League after being replaced by Yosbani Hernandez (Cuba) as the injury prolonged.

Viyena, who currently plays for Zamalek in the Egyptian league, will enter the country as soon as the visa process is finalized. He is expected to join the team as early as next week.

KB Insurance is expected to play only domestic players until Villena joins.

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