Tottenham and Arsenal, one of the English Premier League’s biggest rivals. The ‘North London Derby’, a clash between the two teams, is considered one of the fiercest derbies. Naturally, the fans of both teams are at odds with each other. They hate each other so much.

Surprisingly, however, it happened that Arsenal fans thanked and praised Tottenham’s flagship striker Harry Kane. what the hell happened

Arsenal aiming to win the Premier League for the first time in 20 years. It went out well and was blocked. On the 4th, we lost 0-1 against Everton. It was a shock defeat. The first-place team was hit by a candidate for relegation. Arsenal’s points stopped at 50 points.

Two days later, the fiercely chasing runner-up Manchester City played a match. The opponent was Tottenham. If Man City, with 45 points, wins over Tottenham, the gap with Arsenal will be narrowed to two points. A situation is coming where Arsenal has no choice but to shake.

Many experts and media expected Man City’s victory. But the result reversed. Tottenham won 1-0 thanks to Kane’s first goal. The point difference was maintained at 5 points. Arsenal fans breathed a sigh of relief.

Their passion for winning led to the admiration of their greatest rival striker Kane. England’s ‘The Sun’ introduced the enthusiastic response of Arsenal fans. 메이저놀이터

Kane changed history with one goal against Manchester City. This goal was the fastest 200 goals in EPL history. And Kane succeeded in scoring 200 goals for the third time in EPL history after Alan Shearer and Wayne Rooney. In addition, Kane scored 267 goals in his career at Tottenham. 1st place in history Passing Jimmy Greaves, who was tied for first place with 266 goals, Kane became Tottenham’s history.

After the match, Arsenal fans posted on social media, “Congratulations, Kane, for setting a new milestone”, “Kane helped Arsenal win the title”, “Kane is a really good neighbor”, “Kane came to Arsenal’s rescue”, “Kane Thank you so much! Tottenham thank you too!” reactions such as

Tottenham and Arsenal. On this day, they are not enemies, but really good neighbors.

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