On the 11th, it was announced that Kevin Shim (21, Korean name Shim Jong-hyun) was drafted by Arizona of the Major League Baseball. Kevin Shim is the second son of Shim “Hercules” Jung-soo, who dominated the KBO in the past.

Shim was a dominant slugger in the KBO from 1994 to 2008, appearing in 1,450 games for OB (now Doosan), Hyundai, and Samsung, batting .287 with 328 home runs. In 2003, while playing for Hyundai, he hit 53 home runs and was in a fierce home run race with Lee Seung-yeop (current Doosan manager – 56 home runs at the time).안전놀이터

Kevin Shim, Jung-soo Shim’s second son. University of San Diego Twitter capture

Shortly after his retirement, Shim settled in San Diego in 2009 and actively supported his three sons as they pursued their baseball dreams.

His eldest son, Jong-won Shim, tried out for the 2021 KBO Rookie Draft in 2020. Although he failed to make his KBO debut, he gained attention as the son of Shim Jung-soo, who was once called “Hercules.

Shim Jong-won has since given up on his baseball dreams and is living a normal life as an office worker. He celebrated the news of his brother’s selection as if it were his own.

Shim Jung-soo during his playing days. Sports Trends DB

“My mother called me at dawn to tell me that my brother had been nominated,” said Shim, who we caught up with on Nov. 11.

“I’m proud as an older brother. “I’m proud as an older brother,” he said.

Having traveled the same path himself, he knows how valuable his brother’s efforts are. “It’s not something you can do with ordinary effort,” he says, recalling the words his father, Shim Jung-soo, always emphasized. “He used to say that whatever you do, you have to be ‘crazy’ about it, and you have to enjoy it to be successful,” he said.

Indeed, his younger brother, Kevin Sim, recalls training nonstop with his dad, who was a top player for the Arizona organization, saying, “I’ve been able to perfect my hitting form through this process. I want to do a good job for him.”

The sons were proud of their father. When asked, “Didn’t you feel burdened by the stares as a second-generation baseball player?” Shim Jong-won said, “No pressure. He was a source of pride for us.” After giving up his dream of becoming a baseball player, Shim Jong-won said, “I’m not sorry at all. I’m just proud,” he repeated. He also asked his younger brother, “I hope you can make ‘Mr. Shim’ shine.”

In addition to watching his brother compete in the United States, Jong-won also announced the birth of another baseball player in the family. His youngest brother, Eric Shim. “My youngest brother is 12 years old, and he’s the best baseball player among us. It might seem different because I’m the older brother, but it’s really different. He picks it up really fast,” he said.

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