Commentator Jang Seong-ho, a former professional baseball player, expressed disappointment and embarrassment at former KIA Tigers general manager Jang Jeong-seok, who was sacked for demanding money from the player. Jang Seong-ho has shown off his close friendship with former general manager Jang from 2002 to 2004 as he ate together in Kia.

In a video uploaded on YouTube on the 30th, Jang Seong-ho strongly criticized former general manager Jang.

Jang Seong-ho said, “It was confirmed that former general manager Jeong asked for money in the process of discussing a multi-year contract with Park Dong-won (LG Twins). I thought it was fake news. poured out

He continued, “In a way, this is like putting a knife into the hearts of everyone around you. General manager Jang was a very good person, and I liked it too. I wonder if all of the fun times spent with me are fake, what about this person’s true self?”

Jang Seong-ho revealed that he was disappointed in himself for trusting former general manager Jang. He said that he believed in Jang so much and trusted him too much바카라.

Regarding Park Dong-won, who exposed former general manager Jang’s misconduct, he said, “I think it will be very difficult. I think we should applaud Park Dong-won enough to make the baseball board cleaner.”

Seongho Jang said that a similar incident had occurred in high school baseball in the past. A scout said to the parents of a high school player, ‘I will accept a lot of down payment, so send some of it to me’, but he was fired from the club. It will not end,” said Jang Seong-ho.

KIA held a disciplinary committee on the 29th and decided to dismiss former general manager Jang. Park Dong-won reported to the club a transcript containing the remarks of former general manager Jang demanding money from him last week, and received help from the Korea Professional Baseball Players Association (Athletes’ Association) in this process.

In response, former general manager Jang explained, “It was a joke.” It was just a casual comment because he was a close friend, and it was not meant to be a serious request for money.

However, Park Dong-won’s side refuted that he could not understand Jang’s explanation, saying, “Jeon Jang asked for back money in two one-on-one meetings.” The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) decided to initiate disciplinary procedures against former general manager Jang as soon as it received the details and evidence from the KIA side.

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