Reuters reported that the Italian토토사이트 Football Confederation (FIGC) issued a statement against racial discrimination on the 23rd and overturned a one-game ban on Romelu Lukaku (Inter Milan).

After scoring a penalty kick goal that drew 1-1 in extra time in the second half of the Coppa Italia semifinal first leg away match against Juventus on the 5th, Lukaku provoked the crowd by placing his finger on his lips as if to be silent. . Accordingly, he was sent off after receiving a second yellow card, and was suspended for the second leg of the semifinals to be held on the 27th.

However, FIGC took into account that Lukaku continued to suffer from racist booing. The refereeing body did not honor Inter Milan’s request to have Lukaku’s suspension overturned, but FIGC used its discretion to overturn Lukaku’s suspension.

“The order, which assesses the serious racism Lukaku suffered from opposing fans, underscores that the fight against racism in all its forms is one of the foundations of the sporting system,” the FIGC said in a statement.

As the ban on the use of part of the stadium, which was previously imposed on Juventus due to the use of racist slogans by fans, was stopped first, criticism that only Lukaku, the victim, was punished, was infested.

Juventus will be able to fill the stadium in the home game against league leader Napoli on the 24th. According to the original sanctions, Juventus had to close the southern end of the Allianz Stadium.

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