Cristiano Ronaldo, who plays for Al Nasr, a professional football club in Saudi Arabia, avoided punishment for inappropriate behavior. Locals are amazed at the decision.

On the 19th (Korean time), Ronaldo participated in the biggest rivalry against Al Hilal in the 25th round of the Saudi Pro League, but could not prevent the team from losing 0-2. Ronaldo was willing to play rough, such as putting a headlock on his opponent, but his pride was damaged by losing to Al Hilal, which Jang Hyun-soo held out. Al Nasr and Al Hilal are clubs based in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, and have a long-standing rivalry.

Post-match behavior was also a problem. When Saudi fans chanted and booed Lionel Messi to stimulate Ronaldo, who lost the game, Ronaldo made a gesture grabbing the crotch of his pants in front of some spectators. In Saudi Arabia, where Islamic regulations are strict, it was accepted as an obscene gesture. Saudi public opinion is very angry and there is even a movement to expel Ronaldo.

However, the Saudi Arabia Football Association held a disciplinary committee and decided not to impose a separate discipline on Ronaldo after discussion. However, it was decided to only pay a fine of 15,000 riyals (approximately 5.32 million won) to the Al Nasr team for delaying the game by coming out late at the start of the second half온라인카지노.

Most of the opinions in Saudi Arabia are surprised at this decision. The Arab edition of this media ( criticized the decision of the Saudi Arabia Football Association’s disciplinary committee, saying, “It seems that the judgment was made only by watching the TV broadcast. It seems that the clips floating on social networks were not even checked.”

Meanwhile, Ronaldo, who retired from Europe this season and advanced to the Saudi Professional League, has so far scored 11 goals and 2 assists in 11 league games. Not only his performance, but also his every move in every game is a hot topic every day. His annual salary is 200 million euros (approximately 291.2 billion won).

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