It was downgraded from 1st starting class to 4th starting class.

Rather than recruiting a poor first-class pitcher after spending a long time, they seem to have thought that recruiting a healthy fourth-class pitcher was a necessary prescription right away.

This is the story of Hanwha’s new foreign pitcher Ricardo Sanchez (26).

First of all, Sanchez is a pitcher with a history of surgery.

In 2020 he underwent elbow ligament splicing surgery and took the entire 2021 season off.

Nevertheless, Hanwha has no doubts about Sanchez’s health. The reason was that he proved his health by showing good condition after his rehabilitation.

Sanchez needs to clearly show that he is ‘healthy’.

An official from Hanwha said in an interview with MK Sports, “Injury variables are really difficult to predict. I really pray and hope Sanchez stays healthy and throws the ball to the end.”

Sanchez, a 26-year-old left-hander born in 1997, made his major league debut in 2020 with the St. Louis Cardinals.

However, he didn’t play many games. He pitched 5.1 innings over three games, posting an earned run average of 6.75.

He played a lot of games in the minor leagues. This is why Hanwha doesn’t worry too much about his health.

He started 133 of 140 career games, going 32-52 with a 4.61 ERA.

He struck out 581 batters in 640.1 innings.

In addition to a fastball with a maximum speed of 140km/h in the second half (up to 151km/h) and a two-seam fastball with a similar speed, he uses curves, sliders, and changeups.

However, it is difficult to call Sanchez a top-notch foreign pitcher.

When Hanwha recruited Birch Smith from the Seibu Lions of the Japanese professional baseball league, Hanwha said, “I was able to erase my concerns about my health through various medical tests. Smith was recruited as an ace-level pitcher who could face the opponent’s first starter. He sees Smith as a pitcher who can deliver good results against any team and against any pitcher.”

But Smith fell short of expectations.

After his first appearance in the game온라인카지노, he complained of shoulder pain and withdrew from power. Almost a month has passed, but he is known to have yet to catch a ball.

This is the reason why Hanhwa gave up going with Smith.

This is the reason he recruited Sanchez, who can find some leeway in terms of health, but is inferior in pitching level.

This is the reason why he found a starting rotation pitcher who can be healthy even if the level is somewhat lower than waiting to find a first-class pitcher at the risk of health issues.

The problem is that Sanchez is not completely free from injury issues. There is a diagnosis that elbow adductor ligament joint surgery can run without much worry for up to 10 years.

But in any case, the fact that he had a knife on his elbow is worrisome.

The current state of Sanchez is that he is not completely free from injury issues and his pitching level is falling.

Can Sanchez deliver a pitch that meets Hanwha’s expectations?

It can be said that a realistic expectation is to go around the rotation with a sense of stability and add strength to the operation of the Hanwha starting team. For now, that can be said to be the highest expectation.

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