“I am very motivated, but they say that this is the first systematic training.”

Hyundai Capital, led by coach Choi Tae-woong, selected Taiwanese middle blocker Chai Pei-chang (22, 203 cm) as the Asian quarter player for the first time in the upcoming season. Tsai Peichang, who drew attention as the tallest player during the Asian Quarter Draft, was selected 5th overall.

Born in 2001, Cai Feiqiang has accumulated experience since 2018 while playing for Pingtung Taiwan Electric Power in Taiwan’s national league. According to Hyundai Capital, “I have put my team at the top for many years. He showed strong scoring power to win the team with a fast break and serve ace from the middle blocker position.”

Tsai Peichang was named the best middle blocker in the league last season, as well as the Taiwanese national team. He is also expected to represent Taiwan at the upcoming Asian Games in Hangzhou.

Tsai Peichang arrived in Korea on the 17th of last month. He briefly came to Korea under the consideration of the Taiwanese national team and joined Hyundai Capital training. How did director Choi Tae-woong view Chai Pei-chang?

Coach Tae-Woong Choi, whom I met on the 6th, said, “All players are different, but they are very motivated. He already asked how to naturalize, and he felt that he was very interested in playing in Korea. I am looking at it positively,” he said.

But that’s not to say there aren’t any concerns. Unlike in Korea, he has never had systematic training in Taiwan. He has to build a body condition that can handle a lot of training in Korea.

After joking, coach Choi Tae-woong said, “If you train for one day, you lie down for two days.” When I asked, he said it was the first time he had trained systematically like this.”

Can Tsai Fei-chang rise to the starting lineup by defeating the existing Choi Min-ho, Park Sang-ha, and Jeong Tae-joon?메이저사이트

Chai Peichang said, “I am grateful to Hyundai Capital for giving me the opportunity to play in the V-League.” I will do my best,” he said, reaffirming his determination.

Meanwhile, the joining of Ahmed Iqbairi, who is with Hyundai Capital for the upcoming season, as well as Chai Pei-chang, is expected to be delayed.

Manager Choi Tae-woong said, “Two foreigners join our team late. Especially in the case of Iqbairi, I have never seen him play for the Libyan national team. I have a lot of worries,” he said. “(Heo) Subong also has to go to the outside heater, but the national team only trains apositively. This is the worst condition. It seems that everyone will gather two weeks before the start of the league. There are many difficulties,” he said.

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