Women’s volleyball team captain Park Jung-ah (30) revealed the grievance of Kim Yeon-kyung’s advisor’s ‘title’.

The Korean women’s volleyball team, led by coach Cesar Hernandez, held a press conference and public interview at the Jincheon National Training Center on the 16th. The national team has been convened at Jincheon National Training Center since the 24th to train for the 2023 International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) Volleyball Nations League (VNL), which will be held from the 30th.

not a whole Coach Cesar, who is also the head coach of Turkiye Vakifbank SK and the national team coach, is digesting the schedule of his team. As the national team leaves for the field training in Turkiye on the 21st, coach Cesar plans to join the team from Turkiye right away. As a result, the national team is currently training only the coaching staff and players, led by coach Han Yu-mi.

< Q&A with Park Jung-ah >

– How is your current condition?
In the first week, I couldn’t build a body after the season토토사이트, so I gradually improved my condition, and now I’m focusing on playing quickly.

– How long did you play until the V-League championship match?
Personally, I felt like I lost my ball sensation after taking a break, but coach Han Yu-mi said it was okay, so I am grateful. My body was a little sick, so I managed the fatigue by resting, and it is getting better.

– Last year’s VNL performance was not good, so I think you’ll talk a lot with the players?
From the day the players got together, he told us to work hard. It would be nice to do well from the beginning, but since it is a process of being created now, I want to show you how to gradually improve.

– Advisor Kim Yeon-kyung joined?
My sister hits me on the cheek and gives me information about players I don’t know. I get a lot of help by telling me about my favorite attack course or things like that.

– The schedule is tight, but the final goal is the Olympic qualifiers and the Asian Games?
All competitions are important, but the most important are the two competitions. At that time, my organizational skills will improve, and I will try to gather good looks just by looking into each other’s eyes.

– There is no director at the moment?
He keeps in touch and always sets up schedules together, so communication is going well. I have coach Yumi and Yeonkyung unnie, so there are no big difficulties.

– Do you laugh when you hear Kim Yeon-kyung’s name?
I don’t know what to call her (laughs). We call each other unnie, but she doesn’t know if it’s okay to call her that in front of the camera (laughs).

– You transferred to Pepper Savings Bank and Yasmin joined as a new foreign player?
Actually, I haven’t joined the team yet, but a lot of things are happening in the team. Looking forward to it, I feel like I have to put in the effort myself.

– What was the reason for the poor performance last year?
Of course, the skill is the greatest. All of them were lacking. There are players who are experiencing the national team for the first time, so they were not used to playing volleyball in the off-season.

– What is the weight of the captain’s armband?
It’s usually heavy, but today’s interview seems especially heavy. A lot of people came and I sweat a lot. The young players are working hard and everyone is trying to help. With Yeonkyung unni and coach Yumi coming, I can talk more comfortably, and I feel less pressure.

– Commitment to the tournament
I showed a bad performance in the last tournament, but I will work hard to show you an improved image, so please support me a lot.

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