If Park Jung-hwan returns, this season is also over.” These are the words of Joo Hee-jeong, head coach of Korea University.

Korea University won a 93-52, 41-point victory in the regular league match against Hanyang University in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League held at Korea University Hwajeong Gymnasium on the 27th. Korea University, which consistently overpowered its opponents, all participated and scored through active player rotation.

Park Jung-hwan, who became a sophomore this year, also made a comeback. Park Jeong-hwan was likely to be out of the season due to a fractured foot ahead of the U-League quarterfinals last season, but he made a splendid comeback in the regular match against rival Yonsei University and led the team to victory.

However, he has been focused on rehab this offseason and has not appeared in his first two league games. Park Jung-hwan built up a real sense of the game by playing on the court in a short time in the opening three games.

Park Jung-hwan said, “It is true that I was greedy for wanting to play in the regular season last year. He must have come back a little early토토사이트. As a result, the manager and coaches took care of me so that I could focus on rehabilitation during this offseason. The fact that he didn’t play in the first game of the season gave him enough time to improve his body.”

In an interview before the match against Hanyang University, coach Joo Hee-jeong said, “Park Jung-hwan will build up a sense of real fighting from today (28th). He only lets him play for about 5 minutes and gradually tries to increase his playing time. (Park) Jung-hwan is the player who knows basketball the most on our team. If Jung-hwan returns, he will end the game this season as well (laughs).”

Meanwhile, Park Jung-hwan stepped onto the court with 5 minutes and 7 seconds left in the game and recorded 8 points and 1 rebound, including 1 3-point shot. He boasted a sense of shooting that was accurate enough to be colorless during the hiatus, and accumulated a sense of practice through breathing with his teammates.

Park Jung-hwan said, “The coach told me not to overdo it and try to balance the court by just passing the ball. Even when he made an and one play, he was rather scolded (laughs). He looked back on the game, saying, “It is definitely his first game, so he went into the game with an empty mind, so his shot went in better.”

He continued, “Both the coach and me, I try to improve my condition in line with Yonsei University. I’m a rival, so all my nerves are focused, but I want to work with 100% physical condition. The goal this season is to develop a competitive edge that can be used in the professional world with a more mature appearance than in the first year,” he said.

Park Jung-hwan, field commander of Korea University, is improving his condition under coach Hee-jung Joo’s complete trust. Let’s pay attention to whether Korea University can reach the climax with the return of Park Jeong-hwan and show off the might of the defending champion.

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