As Qatari capital is trying to take over 먹튀검증 Manchester United, it is expected that the recruitment of Neymar, which is in an atmosphere of separation from Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), will also gain momentum.

A Qatari consortium led by Sheikh Jasim bin Hamad bin Jaber Al Thani, chairman of the Islamic Bank of Qatar, submitted a bid for the acquisition of Manchester United on the 18th (Korean time). A Qatar consortium has agreed to acquire 100% of Manchester United’s stake in the Glazer family, which currently owns the club.

Ineos CEO Jim Ratcliffe, already known as Britain’s richest man, expressed his intention to acquire Manchester United, and a Qatari consortium jumped in. Accordingly, the takeover of Manchester United is expected to proceed as a two-way battle between the two sides.

Although it is a competitive bid, the atmosphere is flowing to the Qatari consortium. The Qatari consortium offered £5bn rather than the £6bn acquisition the Glazers wanted, but the price is negotiable. Above all, the Qatari consortium has ample funds to pay a large amount at once.

When a Qatari consortium takes over Manchester United, it will put wings on its back. In terms of recruiting players, you can get ahead of your rivals. Chairman Al Thani’s official statement on the acquisition promised a major investment, saying, “We will return Manchester United to its former glory.”

This could give him an advantage in the Neymar recruitment battle. PSG is preparing for the dissolution of the MSN trio by reorganizing the team centered on Kylian Mbappe at the end of this season.

Lionel Messi is likely to move to Inter Miami. It is said that Neymar has contacted five English Premier League (EPL) teams. According to the UK’s ‘The Sun’, these five teams are Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Newcastle United. In addition, it is said that there was a meeting about the transfer of Neymar between PSG and Chelsea clubs.

If Manchester United holds Qatari capital, it will lead the Neymar scout. It is possible to bet on transfer fees enough to beat rival teams. The commonality that Manchester United and PSG are operated with Qatari capital will also create a favorable atmosphere.

But if the Qatari consortium fails to take over Man Utd, United’s efforts to sign Neymar could also be disrupted. If they can’t find a suitable new owner, they will face difficulties signing other players, let alone Neymar.

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