The possibility of entering the Hall of Fame of Ichiro Suzuki, the best major leaguer in Asian player history, is certain in advance. 메이저사이트

ESPN checked possible candidates for the Hall of Fame from 2024 to 2027 on the 26th. Among them, Ichiro, who will be the first Hall of Fame candidate in 2025, predicted ‘unanimity’.

The only player who has been unanimously inducted into the Hall of Fame is Mariano Rivera, who has the most saves (652 saves), the New York Yankees finisher. In the 2019 vote, the first time he was eligible for nomination after his retirement, he was immediately entered into the Hall of Fame with all 452 votes.

Ichiro retired from Seattle in 2019. He is eligible for induction into the Hall of Fame in 2025, five years after his retirement. It is the first season to be nominated for voting, and ESPN predicts that there is a high possibility of being inducted along with CC Sabathia and Felix Hernandez, who will be nominated together at this time. Among them, Ichiro is expected to become the second unanimous vote ever. ESPN predicted, “I wouldn’t be surprised if Ichiro gets a unanimous vote like Rivera.”

Hall of Fame is based on career record.

ESPN emphasized that he debuted in the major leagues only after spending 7 full-time seasons in Japan, and that he showed his unrivaled presence with artistic batting in a major league overflowing with long hitters. He had 262 hits, the most in a season. He was a player with quick feet and no errors in outfield defense.”

Ichiro, who made his major league debut in Seattle in 2001, created a sensation by winning MVP and Rookie of the Year in his first year. He recorded 3089 hits, 117 home runs, 1420 points, 780 RBIs and 509 stolen bases with a career batting average of 0.311 for 19 years in the major leagues, and also recorded a 10-year consecutive All-Star and 10 consecutive years of Gold Glove awards, achieving legendary-level results.

The official website of Major League Baseball also predicted that Ichiro, who first qualified in 2025, would enter the Hall of Fame right away. No Asian player has been inducted into the Major League Hall of Fame. It is only natural for Ichiro to become the first in 2025, and the mood is that the only key question is whether he becomes the second unanimous vote of all time.

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