Jeon Seong-hyun’s consecutive 3-point shot record was broken in 76 games.

Goyang Carrot Jeon Seong-hyun recorded 9 points, 3 rebounds, 6 assists and 3 steals in the 4th round of the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball Seoul Samsung held at the Goyang Gymnasium on the 30th. Although he did not perform outstandingly, he showed off his presence in many ways and contributed to Carrot’s 68-65 victory. 먹튀검증

But there was just one thing missing. It’s a 3-point shot. Seong-Hyun Jeon attempted 7 3-pointers and failed to make a single one, ending his streak of 3-pointers at 76 games.

From the match against Jeonju KCC on November 18, 2021, which belonged to Anyang KGC, to the previous match against Suwon KT on the 27th, he made a full three-point shot in every game. This is a record that far surpassed the previous record of 54 games by Cho Seong-won, former manager of Changwon LG.

After the game, Jeon Seong-hyun said, “It’s regrettable and cool. But I’m not retiring at the end of this season. I just need to beat my record again. It would be a lie if I said I wasn’t sorry, but I will try again from the next game.”

On this day, Jeon Seong-hyun’s overall shooting condition was not good. He threw 7 3-pointers, all of which failed, and only 3 of 8 2-pointers broke the rim. His field goal success rate was only 20% (3/15).

“During the game, I focus only on the game, so there is no big pressure. The condition was similar to the last time I scored 3 points (January 19th against Wonju DB). I kept shooting, but the ball went in and out. There is nothing you can do about it. I’m satisfied with the victory because I couldn’t do it even if I tried.” Seonghyun Jeon said:

Jeon Seong-hyun’s 76 consecutive three-point shooting success is a record that will remain in KBL history. However, as the record was broken, Carrot coach Kim Seung-gi and his colleagues could not hide their regrets.

Director Kim Seung-gi said, “I feel a lot of pressure right now. it was better I don’t think there will ever be a record that will be broken in the future. He said to eat comfortably. It was hard because it was a burden. I kept running for the record, but it’s a pity that it was stopped. I want to shake off everything and play the game with the original intention again.”

Cho Han-jin, who visited the interview room with Jeon Seong-hyun, also said, “I won, but (former) Seong-hyun hyung couldn’t make a 3-point shot, so I feel bad. It’s too bad that the record was broken,” he said.

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