The finger heart, which expresses love by crossing the thumb and forefinger, is similar to the gesture for money in the West. As a result, foreigners who first learn this gesture have little trouble learning and imitating it.

The finger heart has become one of South Korea’s biggest cultural exports and is used to show affection wherever you go in the world.메이저놀이터

It’s now a staple for foreign players new to the KBO. Hanwha Williams was one of them.

Before his team’s away game against the LG Twins in the Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League 2023 at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on April 12, Williams took batting practice. As he was sweating it out to get out of his batting slump, a smile suddenly appeared on his face. He was learning something from a teammate. It was a finger heart.

He was very serious as he watched and mimicked his teammate’s finger heart. He tried spreading his fingers apart, forming a pistol shape, and trying to make the heart as big as possible. He smiled with satisfaction as he looked at his finished finger heart. That’s how Williams learned the “K-seremony” Korean heart.

However, Williams was unable to perform the finger heart ceremony in the game, going 0-for-4. Her batting average had dropped to .163 over her last 10 at-bats, and she was losing confidence at the plate.

Williams is the outfielder who replaced O’Grady, who was sent down after batting in the teens. He made his KBO debut on March 27 and got off to a good start. He had a multi-hit game against KT on the 28th and a home run against Samsung on the 30th. But that was it. In July, he fell into a hitting slump as he became vulnerable to the outside breaking pitches of KBO pitchers.

Hanwha had faith that O’Grady would at least be better than him. But when the dust settled, he was just as bad as O’Grady. His high strikeout rate of 33% has left him a hole in the batting order.

Unlike the introverted O’Grady, he’s bright and cheerful, fits in well with his teammates, and has adapted to the team quickly, but he’s not producing results. He even learned the finger heart gesture, but hasn’t used it.

Williams, meanwhile, has been on an eight-day break since the last game of the first half on December 12. She will need to improve her form quickly during this period.

Hanwha finished the first half of the season in eighth place with 34 wins, four ties, and 40 losses. They are 2.5 games behind the fifth-place Lotte and 3.5 games behind the fourth-place NC. Moreover, NC is the first opponent in the second half of the season on the 21st. The outcome of the three-game weekend series is crucial.

Therefore, Hanwha hopes that Williams can help the batting lineup as soon as possible. Will Williams, a first-generation outfielder, be able to help Hanwha by performing a finger heart ceremony in the first series of the second half?

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