His attitude toward baseball is special. I pride myself on being more sincere than anyone else. The only thing left to do is melt it down with play on the ground. Professional baseball Doosan infielder Lee Yu-chan (25) gritted his teeth.

◆ With a desperate heart,

he joined Doosan in the 50th overall in the 2nd round of 2017 and debuted the following year. He served as a multi-backup at third base, shortstop, and second base. He also played the role of a large runner based on his quick feet and running sense. However, he failed to widen his presence in the first team. During his four seasons in his career, he appeared in 167 games and completed only 176 plate appearances.

After serving in the Sangmu baseball team, he returned to the team last year after being discharged. From this year’s spring camp to the demonstration game, he trained with determination. He continued to compete for the starting shortstop and also appeared in the game as a second baseman. Lee Yoo-chan said, “I have only been playing baseball토토사이트. He has to bet everything on baseball,” he said. “A precious opportunity has come. I don’t know when it will come again, so I have to somehow catch it and make my own place.”

He tells a story that resonates. Lee Yoo-chan said, “It’s okay if no one recognizes my efforts. I don’t exercise to show it off to someone,” he said. “But if you work really hard, maybe the sky will help you someday. When it’s important, I try to do my best in silence, believing that the sky will help me at least once.” “Every player will be desperate,” he said. However, it seems difficult to find a player who can beat me when it comes to baseball.”

I want to become stronger psychologically. Lee Yoo-chan said, “I always have confidence, but I tend to think a little too much. Mental is very important to players, so I try to become stronger,” he said. “I often see good writings. Recently, I have been reading and studying books,” he said.

◆With better skills,

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop confirmed Lee Yu-chan’s potential. So he is whipping more. Manager Lee Seung-yeop said, “A shortstop is important to hit, but he must defend well. Mistakes shouldn’t be frequent,” he said. “Lee Yoo-chan has a stable defense and a strong shoulder. When he hits, he hits the ball well and is very good at his pace. He has good qualities,” he praised. He continued, “However, it seems that he has only been able to use 50% of his abilities yet. If he wants to do better, he does. He is a player who will help in ball, water and state,” he added.

Lee Yu-chan said, “I have to prove it with my skills on the baseball field. He said, “As much as the coach expected and said good things, he doesn’t want to disappoint.” He has quick feet, so let’s focus on getting on base. Other players can’t do it, but you just have to focus on the things you can do well.’ I want to play baseball where I can show my strengths.”

“The demonstration game was not satisfactory. In terms of defense, there were positive aspects, but hitting and base running did not meet my expectations.

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