Inter Milan is about to part ways with Romelu Lukaku. 바카라 Unless Lukaku shows a 180 degree change, Lukaku will return to Chelsea.

Italian media ‘Area Napoli’ quoted a report from ‘Gazzetta dello Sports’ and said, “The future of Lukaku is bleak. Inter has no intention of signing Lukaku completely.”

Lukaku spread the wings of his revival by leading Inter to victory in the 2020/2021 season. As a result, Chelsea brought Lukaku back and made fans look forward to it. Immediately after joining Chelsea, he started scoring, but soon he was injured and fell into a sluggish situation.

In the end, Lukaku, who left on loan to Inter before this season amidst numerous controversies, showed aspirations of a complete transfer to Inter. Inter also showed willingness to fully recruit Lukaku according to his performance. But it was the worst. Due to an injury, he could not play properly and became an ‘ugly duckling’. He was even pushed back by veteran Edin Dzeko.

Inter started looking for a replacement. The media said, “Inter has no intention of staying with Lukaku anymore. They are looking for a replacement for Lukaku, but if Lukaku doesn’t show a sudden change, this season will be the last.”

Lukaku, who moved on loan amid controversy from Chelsea, is also in danger of being kicked out of Inter.

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