Controversy over congratulatory money is arising as the number of weddings, which had been infrequent due to the Corona 19 incident, increased again.

Even though their wallets have become thinner, there are more and more people who feel burdened by an invitation to come to a wedding at an expensive meal price, and are afraid to come after a meal.

In fact, this year, there are many posts on the online community about how much to pay for congratulatory money.

An article titled ‘I received 50,000 won for a congratulatory gift for a senior’s wedding, did I do something wrong?’ also sparked controversy over the congratulatory money.

The writer said, “The senior said, ‘Is it 50,000 won? Did I do anything to make you sad?’” he wrote, “I was busy, but he took the time to go, and this is what I finally said.”

He added, “My senior said, ‘The price of rice is 88,000 won.

The authenticity of the story has not been confirmed, but hundreds of comments have been posted on the post, causing a heated debate.

100,000 won, which is considered a burdensome amount of congratulatory money to most office workers, is also considered a per-person standard.

There was an online debate over whether to pay more than 100,000 won if the two of them went together instead of alone.

Mr. A, who attended the wedding of a senior at work with his wife, recently posted the story of paying 100,000 won in congratulatory money and being caught off guard, on an anonymous community blind.

The author attended a senior wedding with her wife. She revealed that her senior paid 100,000 won for her wedding in the past, so she also paid the same amount, but the senior paid her attention.

The author claimed that after the wedding, the senior scolded him, saying, “Did you pay 100,000 won and bring your wife to eat?”

The author said, “Is it a beggar? No, are you treating me like a beggar?” He said, “As soon as I said yesterday, I should have given you 100,000 won more.

In Mr. A’s article, the argument continued. “If you pay 100,000 won for a wedding and eat together, you hear that you are a beggar,” “The two of you go and pay 100,000 won, but if you give them a face, they won’t go, and the person who gave you an envelope pays for the meal,” etc.

One netizen pointed out, “It’s too calculated.” Another netizen wrote, “If that’s the case, just have a meal with your family.”

On the contrary, there were also opinions defending the position of seniors, such as “These days, the price of living is no joke, but if one person costs 100,000 won, two people have to pay additionally” and “I think they should have paid 150,000 won.”

As the controversy over the congratulatory money between 50,000 won and 100,000 won intensified, a kind of guideline came out. If you do not attend the wedding, you will have to pay 50,000 won, and if you attend, you will have to pay 100,000 won.

It is often suggested that 50,000 won is small and 100,000 won is burdensome, so people can pay around 70,000 won.

According to the results of a survey of 300 unmarried men and women conducted by the marriage information company Duo commissioned by Macromil Embrain, the average amount of congratulatory money was found to be 79,000 won on average토토사이트.

50,000 won is 48%, and 100,000 won is 40%. Regarding the criterion for determining the amount of congratulatory money, ‘intimacy with the person concerned’ was the most common response. Males accounted for 81.3% and females 85.3%.

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