Nicolo Zaniolo is leaving Turkiye Super League to join the English Premier League (EPL). The new club to nest in is Aston Villa.

Fabricio Romano, who is well-versed in the European football transfer market, said on the 15th (Korean time), “Zaniolo is heading to Villa! A verbal agreement was reached with Galatasaray for an amount of 27 million pounds (approximately 45.9 billion won) including add-ons. Full recruitment option included. It’s a lease agreement,” he said.안전놀이터

He added, “If everything goes as planned, we have confirmed that a medical test will take place on Wednesday. Personal terms have been agreed upon between the two sides, and Zaniolo wants the villa.” At the same time, he left the signature ‘here we go’, which actually means the transfer.

Zaniolo has been in the spotlight since he was a child, playing for the Italian national team for all age groups. He has made a name for himself since joining AS Roma in 2018. Zaniolo played a big role in Italy Serie A and the UEFA Champions League (UCL).

But the joy didn’t last long. He has been plagued by injuries and injuries every season. In particular, in the 2020-21 season, he missed an entire season due to a cruciate ligament rupture. Zaniolo, who was promising, did not perform as well as expected, and interest naturally faded.

At this time, with the arrival of manager Jose Mourinho, the revival began. The minor injuries were still there, but the impact he showed on the pitch was great. In the 2021-22 season, Zaniolo recorded the most appearances since his debut, scoring 2 goals and 7 assists in the league and 5 goals and 3 assists in the Europa Conference League (UECL). Thanks to Zaniolo’s great performance, Roma became the first UECL champion.

After the season, transfer rumors broke out over Zaniolo. At the time, Tottenham Hotspur, led by manager Antonio Conte, sent a love call. Roma, who had adhered to NFS (Not For Sale), gained momentum as news spread that they would accept an offer if a suitable offer came in.

So Zaniolo seemed to leave Rome, but in the end he stayed. The possibility of going to Tottenham, as well as Bournemouth and AC Milan, was discussed, but all deals fell through. The situation became ambiguous as the club even requested a transfer. Zaniolo promised to devote himself to Roma again.

“I joined Roma unknown and the fans welcomed me. They gave me confidence, courage and love in some terrible and dark moments. The past few months have been complicated times for me,” said Zaniolo. “The future is in our hands. . I promise to give my all for Rome”. Mourinho has kicked off the new season with the prodigal Zaniolo.

However, the companionship ended with a sad ending. Zaniolo was again plagued by injuries. In the end, Zaniolo was unable to transfer to the club he wanted and fell into a trap, and was transferred to Turkiye Galatasaray. At the time, the transfer fee he recorded was 15 million euros (approximately 21.9 billion won).

Such Zaniolo had a chance to step on the EPL stage for the first time in his career. He performed in the second half of the league and scored 5 goals. His performance was all the more remarkable considering that he only played 349 minutes. Villa, which has to digest the league, England FA Cup, English Football League Cup (EFL Cup) and UECL this season under the direction of coach Unai Emery, wants to increase the squad depth by signing Zaniolo. As ‘here we go’ also popped up, an official announcement is expected sooner or later.

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