Hanbom High School had only one win left before they reached 7 crowns.

Hanbom High School had a set score of 3-2 (25-15, 26-24, 17-25, 22 -25, 15-10) and succeeded in advancing to the final.

Hanbomgo took the lead from the start of the first set. Following Gangneung Girls’ High School’s two consecutive offenses, Song Ah-hyun (3rd grade, 176cm, OP/MB) scored a blocking goal to make it 3-0. Gangneung Girls’ High School also counterattacked with Dabin Kim (2nd grade, 174cm, OH) succeeding in successive attacks, but Kim Sebin (3rd grade, 188cm, MB/OP) beat Gangneung Girls’ High School by scoring at critical moments.

Hanbom High School, which maintained a 3-point lead, brought a clear atmosphere with Gangneung Girls’ High School’s Beom-sil and Song Ah-hyun’s blocking score once more in the 13-10 score. Afterwards, Chaeyoung Lee (1st grade, 179cm, MB/S) scored a serve and completely defeated Gangneung Girls’ High School. Hanbom High School played the game they wanted and easily took the first set.

The second set flowed tight from the beginning. Gangneung Girls’ High School Nam-seo (2nd year, 1690cm, OP), who was not resolved in the first set, improved her condition by successfully scoring offensive goals in a row from the beginning of the second set. In 4-5, Dajeong Yong (2nd grade, 170cm, S) succeeded in scoring three consecutive serves, giving Gangneung Girls’ High School the lead after a long time. Later, in 14-12, Nam-seo scored a witty push attack and made it 15-12.

Gangneung Girls’ High School, which was doing well in the game, was caught in a crime room. In a situation leading 19-17, the attack room and the touchnet room came out one after another, allowing a tie. After that, the game continued to be a point-by-point exchange, and the game went to deuce.

At an important moment, Hanbom High School ace Kim Se-bin appeared. Kim Se-bin, who scored with a central open attack at 24-24, ended the second set with a sharp floater serve in the immediately following serve turn.

The seesaw game continued from the start, like the third set for Hanbom High School to finish the game and Gangneung Girls’ High School to lead the game to the fourth set. Gangneung Girls’ High School started to play in the tense flow. At 6-6, Yong Da-jung scored a serve and went ahead, and Park Chae-min (2nd year, 172cm, OH) even scored a blocker touch-out, making it 8-6.

But this time, the lead didn’t last long either. Hanbom High School stopped Gangneung Girls’ High School from scoring in a row with Kim Mi-jin (junior, 173cm, OH/MB) scoring from 6-8, and Joo Yeon-hee (junior, 170cm, OH/OP) tied the score with a serve. The flow of Hanbomgo continued. Sebin Kim’s quick attack was successful, and Hanbom High School recorded a turnaround, and Sebin Kim added a block in 11-10 to take a two-point lead.

However, Gangneung Girls’ High School did not give up their ticket to the finals. In 11-12, Da-jeong Yong’s pass paint made the game unknown, and in 13-13, Da-bin Kim’s paint score and Kim Min-chae (3rd grade, 175cm, MB)’s serve score came out at once, continuing hope for the 4th set. . In 18-16, it was Gangneung Girls’ High School that reached the 20th point first, even coming out to Hanbom High School’s second consecutive crime room. Gangneung Girls’ High School, which brought a valuable lead, did not let go of their concentration this time and did not give Hanbom High School a chance, winning the third set and moving the game to the fourth set.

The fourth set was also tight from the start. In particular, the middle blocker fight continued. Kim Se-bin from Hanbom High School and Kim Min-chae from Gangneung Girls’ High School started the game. In a situation where an unknown fight was going on, a moment came when Gangneung Girls’ High School brought the atmosphere. With Gangneung Girls’ High School leading 7-6, a long rally of about 65 seconds followed. Both teams rallied for a long time, but Hanbomgo’s attack escaped. After the rally, all the players held their knees, but smiles spread across the faces of the Gangneung Girls’ High School players.

Gangneung Girls’ 토토사이트High School, riding the trend, widened the gap to 15-9 with Nam Nam-seo’s second consecutive attack score, Park Chae-min’s serve score, and Hanbom’s crime room at 11-9. Hanbom High School also fought back with all its might to end the game, but Gangneung Girls’ High School endured it and eventually the game went to the 5th set.

The first goal of the 5th set, which is precious to each point, came from Hanbom High School. When Sebin Kim scored a point with a quick break, Eunchae Oh (1st grade, 182cm, MB) of Gangneung Girls’ High School immediately responded with a successful open attack.

As it was the 5th set with no place to retreat, the setters of both teams used the ace as their top priority. The Hanbom High School setter found Kim Se-bin, and the Gangneung Girls’ High School setter found Oh Eun-chae and Nam Nam-seo first. All the aces of each team responsibly solved the ball that came up to them.

However, with Hanbom High School leading 8-7, Gangneung Girls’ High School began to shake. Kim Se-bin blocked Park Chae-min’s attack and made a two-point gap, and Gangneung Girls’ High School’s attack led to a crime, and Hanbom High reached 10 points first. It wasn’t over. With Kim Se-bin’s attack and Lee Chae-young’s serve scoring, Hanbom High School brought victory. Hanbom High School, which took a 5-point lead in the 5th set, stayed vigilant until the end of the match against Gangneung Girls’ High School and succeeded in advancing to the finals by maintaining the lead.

Hanbom High School recorded 5 gold medals in 2022 and also won the championship in the 2023 Spring Federation, winning 6 consecutive championships. It’s like the strongest team in the girls’ high school. Hanbom High School’s final opponent is Mokpo Women’s Award. Let’s see if Hanbom High School can beat Mokpo Yeosang and win 7 crowns.

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