Han Sang-jo, 5-dan, who won 4 consecutive games in the preliminaries, lost to 9-dan Jin-seo Shin in the first round of the finals. Kim Chae-young, 8th dan, who won 5 consecutive wins in the preliminaries, lost to 7th dan Park Jong-hoon in the first round of the finals. It was a loss that both Han Sang-jo and Kim Chae-young had a chance to win.

For Sangjo Han, 5th dan, and Chaeyoung Kim, 8th dan, this is their first time competing in the Myeonginjeon finals. Although he accepted a disappointing result in his debut match in the finals, the Myeongin match, which has a repechage match, allowed him to sit in the grand final once again.

Han Sang-jo, 5th Dan, defeated Seol Hyun-jun, 8th Dan, Ahn Jo-yeong, 9th Dan, Park Jae-geun, 6th Dan, and Lee Ji-hyun, 9th Dan, in order to advance to the finals of the Myeongin Tournament for the first time.

The match, with nowhere to back down now, was held at the K Baduk Studio on the afternoon of the 15th. The 46th SG Cup Myeongin Tournament Losers’ Bracket 1st round. It was the third match, following Han Sang-jo’s 5th Dan victory in the 2021 KB League selection game and the 2023 Yongseong game preliminary round.메이저사이트

It was Danmyeongguk that came to an end after 142 moves. As if to indicate that it was a comfortable process, Han Sang-jo’s 5th dan left about 20 minutes at the end. Commentator Song Tae-gon’s overall comment is, “Rather than Han Sang-jo playing really well, it’s more like Kim Chae-young falling over in baduk.”

This is the story of 5th Dan Han Sang-jo, who said, “I think I won because my opponent overexerted himself during the attack.”

Kim Chae-young, 8th dan, accumulated losses with every move she made in the middle, and was unable to make a cool-headed decision even after making a mistake. Song Tae-gon, 9th Dan, added a commentary saying, “The game was prematurely tilted as the group in the center called out another group.”

Han Sang-jo 5th dan will face the loser of the winner’s bracket quarterfinals between Park Jung-hwan and Han Woo-jin. When asked about his determination by the broadcaster, he laughed out loud and said, “Still, if Woojin comes up, I will try my best to prepare.” Kim Chae-young, 8th Dan, ended her first Myeongin Tournament finals with two losses.

Kim Chae-young, 8th dan, defeated 4th dan Hyun Mi-jin, 9th dan Yoon Hyun-seok, 9th dan Choi Won-yong, Kim Seong-jae, 2nd dan, and Park Geon-ho, 7th dan, to advance to the finals for the first time.

The prize money for the 46th SG Cup Master Tournament is 70 million won for the winner and 25 million won for the runner-up. Following a round of 16 tournament with a repechage match, the winner will be determined through the third round of the final. The time limit is 100 minutes, and the countdown is 3 times per minute.

Next week, the winner’s bracket quarterfinals between Shin Jin-seo and Park Ji-hyun (18th), Park Jung-hwan and Han Woo-jin (19th), Shin Min-jun and Kim Eun-ji (20th), and Byeon Sang-il and Park Jong-hoon (21st) will be held sequentially. The structure is such that those ranked 1st to 4th compete against newcomers.

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