BIM Services facilitate construction professionals to get complete control of their projects. Interference among building systems can be checked with 3d BIM Modeling. Construction companies, implementing BIM in their work processes are able to visualize schematic structures before construction, offering better project plans. Clashes get easily detected, eliminating system conflict before installation 
. Dedicated 3d BIM Modelers streamline process across building 메이저놀이터 empowering professionals to get a complete view of the construction.

Reviewing Constructability Issues – Proficient Engineers work with 3d to 6d BIM, facilitating project coordination, asset management, logistic planning as well as accurate cost estimate. BIM helps to resolve constructability issues by finding out inconsistency in the input drawings, incomplete information, dimension error in plan and section drawings and more. The engineers can make root cause analysis for the dimension errors, resulting in clashes. Moreover, the size of the structures can be revised, incorporated and relocated. In order to take an instance, if beam is clashing with window, the size of the window can be revised. If floor and beam cut-out are missing in drawing, cut-out can be incorporated. Furthermore, if manhole is clashing with structure, the manhole location can be shifted.

· Visualizing Construction Sequence – The whole sequence of construction can be visualized with 4D BIM, which helps project stakeholders in visualizing the whole series of construction events, understanding the progress of construction activity, throughout the lifetime of project. The sequence of construction can be linked to BIM Model to show real time simulation in an animated video. Based on 4D Presentation, planned vs. actual construction sequence can be compared throughout project lifecycle. Construction planners can explore 4D simulation to assess the significance of proposed design on construction schedule and work process. They can detect clashes, enhance construction schedule, track materials and manage supply chain. 4D BIM acts as a powerful communication tool among project stakeholders, resulting in better understanding of project milestone and construction plan. Delays and rework are minimized, helping project team to carefully plan and coordinate operations down to last detail both in time and space.

· Saving Cost & Time – BIM helps to save significant time and money for the project. Cost can be saved for labor, MEP items, dismantling, rework, reinforcement validation, design changes and more. Total man days are also saved from BIM like man-days for civil items like concrete steel reinforcement, finishing, shuttering, interior items, façade, man-days for dismantling and man-days for rework. Revit design and fabrication model in Navisworks can be combined to avoid the cost of rework from the existence of clashes.

Implement BIM technology solution for construction to maximize return on investment, saving time and aiding successful project execution. BIM plays a vital role in design optimization, coordination and construction management. Adopt BIM and facilitate design disciplines to collaborate in a flawless manner, enhancing work efficiency, reducing errors, verifying aesthetic looks and enhancing building performance. Electrical Trade – Electrical drawings of a large construction may not be equally comprehended and interpreted by all project stake holders. This leads to rework in construction and wastage of time and resource. 3d BIM collaboration is an efficient way of bringing all project stakeholders on the same platform. BIM Constructability Review helps in this regard by acting as a visual tool for managers, field personnel & other stake holders. Highest level BIM coordination ensures fast and error free construction, reducing field generated change orders and rework. Furthermore, installation disruptions and work stoppages are eliminated. Constructability issues identified by BIM in electrical trade include adequacy of space for installation, operation and maintenance, optimum use of fittings, use of bend radius as per codes, mounting heights as per codes, clearance between services and locating electrical items in proper place.

Concrete – BIM helps to find several inconsistencies in the input drawings and incomplete information for concrete trade. Several conflicts get identified which could have affected the actual construction in terms of cost, material and manpower. BIM minimizes wastages by revising designs like changing pouring sequence, modifying mat slab thickness, terminating floor opening and more.

HVAC Trade- BIM coordination helps to identify clash and raised it to consultants, which results in revision of design. Coordination problems get resolved through drawing validation such as flue duct clashing with structure and other trades, FPB clash with wall and structure and more. The final HVAC model is produced by removing clashes through re-routing and re-sizing of duct as well as by changing elevation. This helps to pre-fabricate assemblies in quality set-up, reducing installation time, wastage and cost.

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