Now, even Bayern Munich, the ‘strongest in Germany’, has pointed out Kim Min-jae (27, Naples).

Italy’s ‘Area Napoli’ reported on the 12th (Korean time), “Munich is evaluating Kim Min-jae’s profile. They will think of Kim Min-jae first when Benjamin Pavard leaves the team.”

Kim Min-jae is a ‘hot potato’ in the upcoming summer transfer market. As soon as he joined Napoli last year, he became one of the best defenders in Europe and won the Serie A title for the first time in 33 years by leading the league in scoring토스카지노. Napoli also reached the quarterfinals of the European Football Federation Champions League for the first time in the club’s history. 

Many teams are already salivating over Kim Min-jae. Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool and Paris Saint-Germain are all big clubs in Europe. Kim Min-jae’s buyout amount is also known to be around 50 million euros (approximately 72.7 billion won), so the possibility of a transfer is sufficient.

Naples is also worried about Kim Min-jae’s departure. Napoli’s ‘original iron pillar’ Giuseppe Bruce Colotti also asked for Kim Min-jae to remain, and Francesco Lepiche, a journalist belonging to the public broadcaster RAI, said, “I don’t understand why Kim Min-jae is going to Manchester United.” It may be possible, but you have to look at the environment and prospects. I will wait,” he said nervously.

In addition, ‘Bundesliga champion’ Munich is trying to jump into the recruitment of Kim Min-jae. Area Napoli said, “There is a possibility that Pavar will leave at the end of this season. The Munich board must have observed Kim Min-jae because of this.” It is said that Kim Min-jae was captured as a replacement for French national defender Pavar.

Subsequently, the media did not rule out the possibility of a transfer to the Bundesliga, saying, “Kim Min-jae was recognized for his speed, physicality, aerial ability, and defensive ability. 

The media said, “The German stage is an ideal stage for Asian soccer players. Some of them have also shown good performances in the Premier League.” “Kim Min-jae’s agent lives between Germany and Korea. He will not ignore the German move. Both the Premier League and the Bundesliga will be welcome.”

Napoli also seems to accept the reality and prepare for the transfer of Kim Min-jae. The media added, “Napoli do not want to lose Kim Min-jae unprepared. Chairman Aurelio De Laurentiis wants to keep him, but he is aware of the possibility of a breakup. He has instructed the officials to find a replacement.” 

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