The International Olympic Committee (IOC) concludes that there is no problem with the re-ignition of doping suspicions against Adelina Sotnikova (27, Russia), who won the gold medal by beating Yuna Kim in the women’s singles figure skating at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. , and sent a reply to the Korea Sports Council stating that there is no plan for reinvestigation.

According to an official from the Korea Sports Council on the 7th, the IOC recently sent a reply to a letter from the Sports Council requesting a reinvestigation of Sotnikova’s doping on the 4th. The IOC replied, ‘At the time of Sotnikova A sample doping test in 2014, it came out negative, and in 2017, a large-scale test for Russian athletes did not find that he violated the doping rule’.

Sotnikova appeared on a YouTube channel of an influencer in Russia on the 6th of last month and said, “Her 2014 doping test came out positive. She had to be tried, but she found no problems with the second sample,” she said. As a Russian athlete, she confessed her doping test while commenting on the pressure she felt when participating in the Olympics.

Sotnikova was also accused of doping in 2016, and several issues with banned substances were followed. The video was deleted due to controversy. The impact on the international sports world has grown. As the situation at the time called Kim Yuna’s ‘stolen gold medal’ came to light again, the Sports Association also sought cooperation from the Korea Anti-Doping Agency (KADA) to organize related data. After reviewing past cases, the IOC requested a reinvestigation of Sotnikova.

Six days after her controversial YouTube appearance, Sotnikova spoke out on her personal social media account. “Over the past week, me, my team and the people around me have received a ton of calls and messages to get their views on the sudden inflated media coverage,” he said. However, the media had already said that I had used a banned substance. Guys, shouldn’t you do that?’토토사이트

When he said he tested positive for doping, he said, ‘I just found out I tested positive for doping’. There were scratches on the doping sample (at the time of the Olympics), and they (the World Anti-Doping Organization or the International Olympic Committee) found it,’ he said. Regarding the traces of sample damage, it was emphasized that it was the responsibility of the person in charge of transportation and storage. He also wrote, “No one can take away the most important thing from me (the gold medal).”
As if trying to assert her innocence again, Sotnikova posted on social media on the 27th of last month, posing in front of a picture frame with a gold medal hanging around her neck and smiling brightly on the podium at the Sochi Winter Olympics.
At the time of the Sochi Games, she won the championship by beating Kim Yu-na, the “defending champion (2010 Vancouver gold medalist),” after a poor decision. After that, he disappeared from the international stage for various reasons. Criticism poured out against him in the country. Immediately after this doping suspicion, whether or not the IOC reinvestigation emerged as a matter of great concern, but as the reply that there was no problem came, it became difficult to actually raise an objection.

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