Although he failed to score the first goal of the season, Lee Seung-woo (25)’s expression was full of composure.

Suwon FC beat Gangwon FC 2-0 in the 11th round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 held at Suwon Sports Complex at 4:30 pm on the 6th.

As a result of the day, Suwon FC took 6th place with 4 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses with 15 points. Gangwon is in 11th place with 2 wins, 4 draws, 5 losses and 10 points.

Lee Seung-woo returned to Gangwon after missing FC Seoul. It was the aftermath of an injury against Daegu FC on the 26th of last month. Suwon FC lost their last home game to Seoul 0-3. Injuries to key players such as Lee Seung-woo, Lars, and Lee Kwang-hyuk were painful. Regarding the situation at the time, Lee Seung-woo said, “We lost 0-3 at home. I don’t want to lose helplessly at home. Everyone knew even if we didn’t talk about it,” he said, promising to win the match against Gangwon.

Even after returning from injury, Lee Seung-woo flew. In the attacking camp, he pierced Suwon FC’s attacking path with active dribbling and sensational passing play. His midfielder Jin and breathing fit perfectly. Often in defensive situations토토사이트, he relieved the burden of the defense with active pressure and sprints.

Regarding his physical condition, Lee Seung-woo explained, “I don’t know exactly how I feel. I taped it up. There was no pain. After the game, I received treatment well. I want to play the season as pain-free as possible.”

There was also a crisis. During the second half of Suwon FC, midfielder and captain Yoon Bit-garam (33) was sent off due to accumulated warnings. Despite being outnumbered, Suwon FC scored an extra goal to win 2-0. Murilo (28)’s right-footed free kick cut through Gangwon’s net. Lee Seung-woo praised his teammate, saying, “There was not a single player in the second half. They held up well. Murilo even scored a goal, so it’s a meaningful 3 points.” Regarding Yoon Bit-garam’s exit, he said, “All the players playing in the stadium are not foul, and they look like our balls. I don’t know the exact situation, but I thought it was not a send-off. I think I’ll have to go home and see it.”

Still a threat in the attacking area, but yet to score the first goal of the season. Last year, Lee Seung-woo scored his debut goal on the Korean stage against Daegu in the 6th round. Lee Seung-woo’s fierce attack continued once it broke out. Last season he finished third in scoring with 14 goals and three assists.

There was no doubt that there would be deep regret at the Gangwon match. In the second half of the second half, when Murilo’s free kick hit the post, Lee Seung-woo blew his body and pushed it into his head. Video Review (VAR) result is offside. Lee Seung-woo’s body was slightly ahead of the final defensive line. On the ground, it was difficult to determine with his eyes. Lee Seung-woo said, “It’s unfortunate, but I can’t help it.” I will do that,” he said quietly.

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