Unlike stroke competitions, where you must not let go of tension from the first round to the final round, in the match play method, you can win by focusing only on confrontation with your opponent.

The KLPGA Tour Doosan Match Play Championship, which celebrated its 15th tournament this year, is revealing the outline of the players who will advance to the round of 16 tournament with the final round of the group stage left.

While ‘Super Rookie’ Bang Sin-sil is about to pass the group stage with two wins, existing tour powerhouses Park Hyun-kyung, Lee Ye-won, Park Ji-young, Lim Jin-hee, and Han Jin-seon are also building up multipliers. On the other hand, ‘trend’ Park Min-ji (1 win 1 loss) cannot confirm her advance to the round of 16 on her own, but is hoping for a miracle in the third round.

In the match play method, a winner is determined for each hole, and the winner is determined by determining who has the most wins when all 18 holes have been played. If there is a difference in score, the game may end early considering the number of remaining holes.

A representative example is Park Min-ji, who performed an overwhelming game management in the second round. Park Min-ji led by 6 holes up to the 13th hole against Kim Ji-young 2. Therefore, even if Kim Ji-young 2 won all the remaining 5 holes, the gap could not be narrowed and the game ended as it was, and the scoreboard displayed 6&5 (meaning 6 holes left and 6 holes ahead).

As such, the early end of the game means that the opponent has been overwhelmed and can be interpreted as maintaining the best condition.

In the meantime, the champions카지노사이트 who kissed the match placer championship trophy showed off their peak skills by leaving work early throughout the tournament.

In the 14 match play competitions from 2008 to last year, the most dominant champion is Inbi Park, the winner in 2018.

Inbi Park, who had won all 3 matches in the group stage, showed great strength, winning 6 and 4 in the round of 16 and 9 holes with 7 holes left in the quarterfinals. And Park In-bi, who defeated A-lim Kim in the final, succeeded in completely eradicating the regrets of runner-up.

In 2021, Park Min-ji cannot be left out. Park Min-ji, who had already been in good condition since the group stage, ran to the championship as it was, and did not visit the 18th hole in the rest of the games except for the semifinals (2UP).

Han Jin-sun is currently showing the best performance. Han Jin-sun split the game early with 7 & 5 in the first round against Kim Rian, and even won the match against Hyun Se-rin (5 & 4) easily. Han Jin-seon, who did not play 9 holes in the first and second rounds, has the advantage of being able to manage her physical strength.

Seong Yu-jin, Lee Ye-won, Noh Seung-hee, Park Hyeon-gyeong, and Ha Min-song are also players who won two games without looking at the 18th hole, and attention is already being paid to how they will perform from the round of 16 onwards.

In fact, out of 88 matchups played by past winners, the number of times the round ended early reached 55 (62.5%). On the other hand, there were only 14 overtime matches (15.9%).

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