It’s Sunday night sports news.

Kim Eun-jung-ho has reached the round of 16 for the third straight time at the U-20 World Cup.

Japan’s loss to Israel sealed our place in the round of 16 early토토사이트.

◀ Report ▶

Japan lost 2-1 to Israel on a theater goal in second-half stoppage time in their third group game.

With one win and two losses, they finished third in the group and were in danger of being eliminated.

In this tournament, the top four teams from each of the six groups advance to the round of 16.

With Slovakia in Group B yesterday and Japan in Group C today finishing the group stage with three points, our team, which already has four points from one win and one draw, has secured its third consecutive round of 16 appearance regardless of the outcome of tomorrow’s match against Gambia.

Goalkeeper Kim Jun-hong and main defender Choi Seok-hyun are unavailable due to accumulated cautions, but they’d better pick up a point against group leaders The Gambia, as finishing third in the group could see them face tough opponents like Brazil and Colombia.

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