Lotte acting manager Lee Jong-woon warmly held the hand of Samsung Kang Min-ho, who approached him and showed his painful area with his open palm.

The only player who can approach the opposing team’s coach without hesitation and show his sore palms is Kang Min-ho of Samsung, who is busy shaking the field and exchanging greetings on game days with his former team Lotte due to his unique friendliness.

The 5th was the first day of the three-game series between the Lotte Giants and Samsung Lions during the week held in Ulsan. The away team Samsung players arrived at the stadium and prepared for training. At this time, Kang Min-ho was seen taking strides toward the Lotte camp on first base.안전놀이터

Kang Min-ho, who joined the professional ranks as a draft pick by the Lotte Giants in the second and third rounds in 2004, stayed at Sajik Stadium for 14 years until 2017.

In the 2015 season, Kang Min-ho showed off his hot hitting skills while playing as the home manager for the Lotte Giants. In 123 games, he posted a batting average of .311 with 118 hits, 35 home runs, and 86 RBIs. It was the season in which he became the first hitter to hit 30 home runs in his professional debut. Personally, it was a career-high season, but it was also a disappointing season as the team failed to advance to fall baseball.

Kang Min-ho, who qualified as a free agent for the second time after the end of the 2017 season, left Lotte, with which he was attached, and transferred to Samsung.

In 2015, Kang Min-ho’s career high season, coach Lee Jong-woon, who was the head coach of the Lotte Giants, was fired in October of that year after finishing in 8th place out of 10 teams with a season record of 66 wins, 77 losses, 1 draw, and a winning percentage of 0.462.

Acting head Jong-woon Lee, who led Lotte for the remainder of the season as acting head coach for the first time in eight years after Coach Sutton resigned due to health issues, is doing his best in every game with the players while maintaining hopes for fall baseball.

Kang Min-ho, who was left out of the lineup on the first day of the three-game series due to lingering palm pain, looked for his old teacher and showed off his sore palm. Acting director Jong-woon Lee touched his student’s hand and shared affection.

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